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  1. formyper

    For Sale  Olympia WA (near Seattle and Portland): 5 Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires, 275/70r16

    Selling 5 Michelin Defender LTX M/S 275/70r16 tires with only 17k on them. 80K warrantied tires, have original discount tire receipts for warranty, not sure if it transfers. Rims not included. Tires only removed because I moved to all terrain tire. Look like new, no flats or damage. Asking $500...
  2. formyper

    Tires other than KO2 for the rain and snow

    I've been reading through all the tire threads I can find, lots of conflicting opinions out there. Wondered if anyone had any recommendations or warnings for my particular needs: Looking at A/T tires. Not a daily driver, mostly used for Forest service road camping, planning on pulling a small...
  3. formyper

    For Sale  2002 LX470 (not mine) in Spokane for 4500 250k

    Good deal for someone? 2002 Lexus LX 470 AWD/4WD 250k miles - cars & trucks - by owner -...
  4. formyper

    Replacing Radiator and Alternator, anything else I should do "while I'm in there"?

    So my alternator failed on my '00 LX with 169K, ordered a reman OEM, then when I got under the car to start spraying PB Blaster, I see a tiny leak in the (original) radiator. The plastic is started to look pretty crackley up top too, so I bought a Spectra CU 2282 to replace that, especially...
  5. formyper

    Reman Denso Alternator from densoproducts?

    Howdy all, it's new alternator time after 169K. Looking at remanufactured Denso across the web from rock auto and toyota parts sites, but it seems like densoproducts is selling them cheap (138+shipping) and not charging a core fee so I can keep the fixed up old one as a spare. Any red flags with...
  6. formyper

    For Sale  2000 LX 175K, Tacoma WA

    $8500 Not mine, no affiliation, but looked like a good deal on what appears to be a clean car:
  7. formyper

    Tundra shift lock issues? Can start engine, can't shift into gear

    Hello all, I have a 2000 tundra with 272k. I'm actually trying to get rid of it, because this site convinced me to buy a land cruiser :). It was owned by a toyota service tech, who did all kinds of stupid things to it to keep it running. Specifically with the ignition lock. When I bought the...
  8. formyper

    Has anyone seen paint fade like this?

    Just bought this 2000 LX with 168K miles, lived in western WA so not sunny like California, but the paint is faded in a weird way. Actually, I'm not sure if the paint is faded or just the clearcoat. It almost looks as if a chemical were spilled on it, or water spots (def not water spots though)...
  9. formyper

    Too much rust?

    This is a truck I went to go see recently. 244k, WA and OR truck all its life. Seems pretty manageable, but maybe even a little rust is too much on the west coast...
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