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  1. JLPFJ40

    For Sale  Needed, FJ40 Land Cruiser rear heater in-line Bleeder Valve.

    I am needing a good in-line bleeder valve for my FJ40. I have one, but it is leaking. See Diagram and Pictures. The part in the diagram is the Connector and Cock. If you have one please respond with price. Thanks in advance for helping me with my latest project.
  2. JLPFJ40

    Needed, rear heater bleeder valve.

    I am in need of the rear heater in-line bleeder valve (cock) for my 72 FJ40. I have one, but it is leaking.
  3. JLPFJ40

    Horn Button Reproduction Need?

    When restoring my 1972 FJ40 I searched and could not find a replacement for my horn button center. Mine had numerous stress cracks. I ended up casting and making my own. I is not perfect, but better. I now have a vendor willing to reproduce them, but needs to know the market first. I am doing an...
  4. JLPFJ40

    FREE  Free 1972 FJ40 Long Block

    I have a 1972 FJ40 Long Block, pick it up and it is yours. It was running when removed by a local shop for a V8 conversion. I purchased it just in case I needed some parts when restoring my stock 72 FJ40. It has been sitting since 2015, it does turn over. I oiled the cylinders and turn it over...
  5. JLPFJ40

    Wanted  Horn Parts for 1972 FJ40

    I am looking for used or NOS horn parts for my 1972 FJ40 project. I appreciate your help with this project. Thanks
  6. JLPFJ40

    For Sale  1972 complete F Engine

    F Engine from a 1972 V8 conversion. The engine was in good running condition when removed. It had good compression on all 6. Pick up only, reasonable offer. Four speed gear box also available.
  7. JLPFJ40

    Rig Of The Week (ROTW) JLPFJ40 1972 40 Series

    I purchased my 1972 FJ40 from the original owner in 2014. It had lived it's life in the California Desert and was a complete and completely rust free body damage free example. I began the restoration as soon as I got it home. It completely disassembled, media blasted, nuts and bolts wire brushed...
  8. JLPFJ40

    Updating the stock rear hatch lift struts!

    I was looking to keep the stock look, but improve the performance and usability of the stock rear hatch lift struts. After a bit of research and going to my local Auto Zone and measuring gas lift struts I came up with the following upgrade which only takes about 10 minutes and one or two $25.00...
  9. JLPFJ40

    Wanted  PTO Winch parts for my 1972 FJ40 Build

    I picked up a PTO winch for my FJ40 build but need some parts. Frame, carrier for the winch or at the very least the curved round steel supports, Drive shaft, shift lever and boot. I would consider buying a non-working unit for parts. JLP
  10. JLPFJ40

    Builds  Restoration of MY 1972 FJ40

    I purchased this 1972 FJ40 from the original owner in Sonora, CA. It has 95,000 original miles and was completely rust free. The restoration is a complete nut and bolt body off rotisserie restoration. Every nut, bolt, bracket etc... has been re-plated. The modifications from original build is...
  11. JLPFJ40

    Engine Color

    I am in the process of restoration of my 1972 FJ40. It looks as if the engine has always been Black on Black. Is that correct?
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