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  1. Sputnik

    Loose Steering

    Howdy everyone A few years ago I rebuilt the leaky steering box in my '97 and replaced the seals. The steering had a bit of play but I wasn't looking to buy a new steering box. Figured I would just replace the seals for a few bucks and move on. Anyway 100k miles later the steering just has too...
  2. Sputnik

    Front axle leaking again

    Howdy, I've rebuilt my knuckles twice and the inner seal has failed, causing the grease and the gear oil to mix. Same old story. Also has pretty good drip on the outside. I don't mind doing to job again but its super messy and time consuming. I used marlin crawler seals the first time then a...
  3. Sputnik

    New A/C compressor pulls a vacuum on low side

    Hi everyone! I am having some troubles with my air conditioning system on my ‘95. My knowledge about A/C is not very extensive (and it shows :hillbilly:) but I wanted to tackle this job myself since I’m 19 and have no money Here’s what happened: I replaced my A/C compressor because the old...
  4. Sputnik

    Exhaust gaskets turning into dust

    About a year ago I replaced my entire exhaust with an aftermarket Bosal system (total PIA) and since then I have been having issues with the gaskets between the headers and downpipe. These stupid gaskets keep failing and I can not figure out why. I have replaced them four times since installing...
  5. Sputnik

    Starter issues and other electrical oddities

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so please just bear with me, here is the story. I have been having problems with the starter in my '97 land cruiser. When I go to start the truck, it will not crank. The issue is intermittent, but it seems to happen when the engine is warm. If I let it sit...
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