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  1. ratchet

    1994 FJ80 won't start

    Background: I had a low oil pressure situation that wiped out some bearings. Changing the rod bearings didn't fix the issue so I got a low mileage (about 147,000) from a 1997 FZJ80 to put in while I rebuild the original motor. Since the motor was on a stand I figured I would do the head gasket...
  2. ratchet

    Valve Stem Seals

    As a result of my low oil pressure situation (Connecting Rod Bolt Replacement?) I am putting a motor (about 145k miles on it) from a 1997 FZJ80 in to my 1994. Since there are some differences between the years I'm planning to strip the motor and basically only use the block and head from the...
  3. ratchet

    Connecting Rod Bolt Replacement?

    The Specifics: 1994 FZJ80 approximately 215,000 miles serviced at the dealer and babied its entire life motor completely stock The Background: The past few times I started it I noticed that the oil pressure seemed low and then would come up as it warmed up. This is odd and opposite of normal...
  4. ratchet

    Propane Tank Location

    I am converting my FJ40 to propane. I am going to use forklift propane tanks and am trying to figure out where to mount them. Many people bolt them to the floor behind the seats but I would rather not do that due to the loss of storage space. In addition I put the top on the vehicle and would...
  5. ratchet

    Fs - 1974 fj40

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Richard
  6. ratchet

    For Sale  1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

    SOLD - 1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 Vehicle has been SOLD. This vehicle is located in Yuma, AZ but we travel frequently to Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA so delivery may be an option. 2F In line 6 cylinder, 4 Speed transmission,strong motor, minimal rust Factory Soft Top Model (no top with...
  7. ratchet

    1979 2f Ignition single spark

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, I picked up a non running 1974 FJ40 with a 1979 2f in it. As far as I can tell the distributor is the stock 1979 dual vacuum advance dizzy that should be on the motor. For some reason, I can't get a very good spark out of it. When I first got it, it had a mini truck...
  8. ratchet

    Offset Spring Pin

    I am putting hybrid spring packs in my FJ40. I am using a Jeep Cherokee main leaf, a half ton chevy main leaf (with the eyes cut off; to help with the weight) and then 4 stock cruiser leafs. The center pin on the XJ main leaf is offset. The eye to eye measurement is approximately 52" and the...
  9. ratchet

    FJ40/60 Parts Yuma, AZ

    All parts are located in Yuma, AZ (85365). Prices don't include shipping. If you think my price is too high make an offer. More pictures available upon request. Advance Adapters Propeller style transfer case support $30 -minor grinding has been done to facilitate fit on my truck TJ Fender...
  10. ratchet

    1976 FJ40 Axles SOA

    **SOLD** 1976 FJ40 Axles SOA **SOLD** Front and rear 1976 FJ40 axles complete with the exception of the third members. Axles are set up for spring over and the front was cut and turned approximately 6*. The front pinion in approximately 20* up and the rear is approximately 15* up. Axles...
  11. ratchet

    Spark Plug Wire

    Anybody ever seen this happen to a plug wire before? It looks like the outer material dried up and turned into powder. I'm not sure how old the wires are. I can't remember changing them so they are at least 2-3 years old. The motor was rebuilt by the PO about 6 years ago so I'm sure they were...
  12. ratchet

    Exhaust Leak

    I have an exhaust leak from the the area that I circled in red on the following picture. The picture is from the front of the manifold. I also have another leak on the rear of the manifold in approximately the same position. The motor is out of an 82 FJ60 and at this time is in a 76 FJ40. I...
  13. ratchet

    Kelly Flats 07-24-05

    It's kind of short notice but a friend and I will be heading up the Poudre Canyon to Kelly Flats on Sunday. He has to be back by 6pm so I'm planning on leaving by 9 or 10 in the morning. If anybody wants to come along we could meet at Teds Place or something. Richard
  14. ratchet

    Misc Toyota and Chevy parts in CO

    All prices are best offer. Parts are located in Fort Collins, CO. Buyer pays shipping from 80521. Pics available upon request. Richard 1973 FJ40 3-speed skid plate- SOLD 1973 FJ40 Long Rear Jump Seats- 100 1973 FJ40 3 speed Emergency Brake Drum- 5 1973 FJ40 bumperettes (2)- 15 1973...
  15. ratchet

    Parting out: 82 FJ60 in Fort Collins, CO

    I am parting out an 82 FJ60 located in Fort Collins, CO. I am using the motor, tranny, transfercase, and axles. The rest has got to go. Buyer pays shipping from 80521. Richard
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