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  1. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ40 Overlanding Trailer FS

    I have for sale a custom made FJ40 trailer crafted from an '81 tub and frame. The tub has been rhino lined. The original tank to locking door flap in intact allowing for additional 23 gallons of fuel. Tail lights are wired. Forward storage area makes for a great cooking surface when open. Oregon...
  2. cosmo

    How to change the ignition cylinder?

    Can anyone share what the trick is to change out the ignition cylinder? The current one likes to "spit" the key out at any given moment which can make for a fun interior search.
  3. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ60 Heater core and assy.

    Heater core and assembly for sale. $200.00 plus ride for quick sale. Location is Bend Oregon. 97701 Thanks
  4. cosmo

    My kid snapped the blinker arm off

    So my boy snapped the blinker arm off the steering column. Now I have full time brights and now blinkers. I could probable live with this except i have hi output H4 bulbs. I've tried to manually switch to low beam and then don't get lights at all. I do have an extra steering column from an '81...
  5. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ40 Trailer "Feeler"

    I built a FJ40 camping/adventure trailer a few years back. I wouldn't classify it as finished but it has a ton of potential. Not yet sure I want to sell it or how much I'd ask for it if i did. The tub is from an '81 that had front end damage. I thought I'd post a few Pic's and see what the...
  6. cosmo

    For Sale  2F Carb. Pulled from 85 FJ60

    2F Carb. Pulled from 85 FJ60. Should work but may need some tlc. $125.00 plus ride. Paypal ready
  7. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ60 Heater Core Assy. includes ducting

    As the title reads, I have FJ60 Heater Core Assy. with ducting ready to go. $250.00 plus ride. Paypal
  8. cosmo

    For Sale  Volvo 760 intercooler for Diesel conversion

    So I did a Diesel conversion in a 60 a few years ago bought this Intercooler but we never ended up using it. It's a Volvo 760 intercooler. I've see it used for 60 series diesel conversions and guessing it would work for an 80 also. I payed 75.00 and thats what I'm asking. It's in great shape I...
  9. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ60 Power Steering Box '1986

    FJ60 Power Steering Box pulled from a low mileage, stock FJ60. $300.00 Firm plus the ride.
  10. cosmo

    Brake booster 78, vs '81

    Does anyone know if a 81 FJ40 Booster is the same as a '78. The booster on my 78 has finally s*** the bed but I have one from and 81 in a box. I'd pull it and do a side by side but my 40 is my daily driver and cant afford to have it down untill all parts are ready to install. thanks in...
  11. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ60 Steering Box

    FJ60 Steering Box sitting in a box ready to roll. it was pulled from a low milage (120K), totaly stock FJ60. SOLD
  12. cosmo

    For Sale  1981 FJ40 Steering wheel assy to coupler with key

    1981 FJ40 Steering wheel and column to coupler with key. SOLD
  13. cosmo

    Water Pump wows

    Just got new water punp from NAPA. didnt do a pre fit check as I was in a hurry, It bolted up to the block perfectly except for the missing studs for the fan clutch and pully wheel and the fact that the bolt hole/stud pattern are also not the same. This ever happen to anyone?? super frustrated...
  14. cosmo

    For Sale  1987 Super clean FJ60 all stock. Oregon

    No longer FS. Thanks
  15. cosmo

    Looking forTop off Roof Rack Solutions

    So as the title suggests I'm looking for ideas for a roof rack that would work with the hard top on or off. I know Jeep has tons of aftermarket options like this but has anyone done this for a 40? I'd like to carry two kayaks or even attach the Confer basket from my 60 up top. Ive attached the...
  16. cosmo

    For Sale  FJ60 Doors

    I have FJ60 doors tan and blue. 200. each complete.
  17. cosmo

    Intercooler FS

    Volvo intercooler for sale. $100.00 i had planed to use it on my last diesel conversion but it never made it on. It's in perfect shape I just have no use for it. Asking only what I payed for it. pictures soon
  18. cosmo

    2F Parts

    Prices are negotiable. Thanks!! As usual, shipping additional. PayPal now available All parts came off a 2F out of an FJ60 -Alt Beacket w/ac weldment. 25.00 -Dizzy with out cap. teeth are perfect and spins very smoothly, tight. $100.00 -OME Carb, needs new...
  19. cosmo

    Streached steel wheels with center caps

    So I wanna run 33X12.5X15 tires but I also want the stock wheels with or with out caps. has anyone found them reproduced wider? The picture below is the closest Ive found.
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