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  1. Bennett1157

    Temp Control on Air Conditioner

    It appears that whatever I have the Temp set at when the vehicle is cranked is the only temp it will blow. So if its at 70 when I cut it off it will only blow at 70 the next time its cranked no matter how you adjust it, up or down. If I need hot defrost I must crank it and turn it up to "hot"...
  2. Bennett1157

    Vehicle Options?

    Ha on the Jeep. That’s what I’ve heard. I have been on the 100 series forum for awhile now and while a great resource on that series and as with any forum sometimes it’s hard to find a unbiased opinion. Also, most people on there who are gearing up on a “epic overland journey” only end up a...
  3. Bennett1157

    Builds Reef - 100 Series Land Cruiser Build

    Lookin good.
  4. Bennett1157

    Vehicle Options?

    Hello, 06 470. It’s been a great vehicle and I’ve taken it on many 5 hour one way/ 300 mile trips to the Ozarks. It’s currently sits at 201,000 miles. But now my wander lust has grown and I want to start going on some farther expeditions. I’m thinking Utah/ Colorado/ Wyoming maybe even Canada...
  5. Bennett1157

    High Water Mark Trail?

    Guys, I wanted to get some opinions on the High Water Mark Trail. I saw a mention or two on here (Cottonland) searching through some older threads. Any recent rips? I have a small group out of Vicksburg (3ea 470s) and we are trying to get a 3-4 day trip up. We are not looking for anything...
  6. Bennett1157

    For Sale Mississippi: ‘97 40th Anniversary FZJ80

    Might have a 470 for sale over in Vicksburg. Any chance of a trade plus cash deal??
  7. Bennett1157

    Builds Mallcrawlin' 100

    Any rubbing with that size tire? Had my heart on some 295s also but the 285/75 might be an good alternative.
  8. Bennett1157

    295/70R18 on LX470

    I am also interested in this. I’ve seen where you can run the 295s with the 2.5” lift, but what about no lift like the OP asked or a 1.5” Lift.
  9. Bennett1157

    Male Eletrical Connectors

    Does anyone have a Part Number for the Male Connector for a 90980-11019 Female?
  10. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So a diagram of the plan- Hoping to build custom pigtails to retain all factory connection and harness. If I can’t find reasonably priced Male Conectors I can cut off the factory connectors and Straight Wire from the harness to the lights as a last resort. Blue will tie back into the factory...
  11. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    My plan was/is to look at the Paranoid Fabricatoion brackets with the Baja Squadron Sports once I finalize the wiring. Anybody used the Paranoid Fab Brackets or have reviews in the Baja’s?
  12. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So it looks like a CE2030M might be the ticket, BUT I can only find it for almost $80 each. That’s a little much when I can just cut the factory plug off and splice in the ARB pigtail. Any ideas on a lower cost option? Or a different manufacturer/ distributor?
  13. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    Finding that companion connector would be awesome. I don’t have a Wiring Diagram, but will start the Ol Google Search. If anybody out there knows a part number I would appreciate the help.
  14. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So how about this- Drop the Red Fog Light Wire off the ARB Supplied Pig Tail and keep the Green Turn Signal. Then find a 2 wire connector that mates to the OEM Harness for the bare wire side of ARB pig tail. So then I wound have a nice and clean turn signal.
  15. Bennett1157

    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    I’ve read most of the threads pertaining to his topic, but I’d like to confirm. Everything I’ve read usually discusses 05 or earlier LXs and mine is a 2006. In the Grill section I have a outside Marker lamp, then a low beam assembly, then a high beam assembly. In the lower “OEM bumper” I...
  16. Bennett1157

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    MS River Bridges at Vicksburg, MS.
  17. Bennett1157

    Sorry not MS, but a little Delta to Mound Trip.

    Rode over the Bridge today to make a Levee run from Delta to Mound. Wanted to see what the River was doing on their Side.
  18. Bennett1157

    Cottonland Picture of the Day Thread

    Looking off the Levee back towards Vicksburg from Delta LA. Still got 3’-4’ before the River Crest.
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