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  1. Carcass

    For Sale  [WA] 4x4labs 3rd row rack, Puma Compressor + Phil's Mount (80 series)

    Installed drawers in my 80 last year and removed the 3rd row rack to do so; it was barely used before I bought the drawers, no marks I can find on it. Compressor & mount have never been used - I installed the mount (from LandCruiserPhil) to test fit but that's it. - 3rd row storage, 80 series...
  2. Carcass

    [solved] Identifying this hose? (name / part number)

    EDIT: The part number is 32943-60121. Leaving the below in case anyone has the same problem I did and runs into this post via search. --- Recently ended a trip short as one of my transmission oil cooler hoses got a nice cut through it, sending ATF everywhere while I tried to get over to the...
  3. Carcass

    Wanted  80 series rear spoiler

    Removed the factory spoiler from my '97 at some point and managed to lose it; I'd like to replace it :) I'm located in Seattle, happy to pick up in the general area or pay for shipping if it's reasonable to do so. edit to avoid bumping: since there haven't been any local (able to pick up)...
  4. Carcass

    Help! FZJ80 (low) Idle issues, P0510, P0121

    I've been having idle issues for some time -- my 97 has been trying to idle so low that it stumbles and dies. It threw P0510 once before and I replaced the TPS, setting the new one per FSM. That didn't fix the idle. For some time I was able to drive it without any codes but it wouldn't idle --...
  5. Carcass

    connector identification 97 fzj80

    Hi all, I've been having troubles lately with low, rough idle... low enough to stall if I don't give it gas. It's also been hunting intermittently. I went to replace fusible link today, along with distributor cap, rotor, oring (seems to be letting a bit of oil by), plus and wires. I found this...
  6. Carcass

    RTH: fawnskin, ca no start

    1997 FZJ80, Wheeling around holcomb valley and engine died. Cranks over but doesn't start... not sure where to start getting it going and my GSM is at home in Los Angeles. Thanks
  7. Carcass

    Working on EGR... intake/vacuum hoses?

    I recently had my check engine light come on... P0401. Following the advice of a few forum threads I jumped straight in trying to fix this, as I need to pass emissions within the next couple of weeks and renew my registration. :crybaby: I took off the throttle body, EGR valve and upper...
  8. Carcass

    Electrical connector identification?

    Dumb question but flipping through the shop manual I haven't been able to find this - surely I've passed it over a few times without realizing by now but perhaps someone will know... :confused: Can anyone identify what this belongs to? It's drawing 700mA when the ignition is off which...
  9. Carcass

    For Sale  [CA] 9000lb Warn winch (integrated solenoid) w/ controller

    Located in Van Nuys, CA. You pick up unless you're very, very, very close. Due to a few problems popping up with my new-to-me FZJ80 I need to sell this and use the funds elsewhere. :crybaby: Purchased from original owner via expeditionportal this past February... never had a chance to use...
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