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  1. Ninjaracing13

    RTH! Messed up threads on block drain

    Does anyone know what the thread pitch is for the brass plug on the block drain? It looks awful close to 1/4 NPT but can't confirm. Looks like whoever installed it last might have gotten a little strong with the plug. It was probably me, but I'm just going to go ahead and blame the PO...
  2. Ninjaracing13

    Question for all you guys with experience using the auto zone block tester

    Short back story, I the phh on a road trip a few weeks back, caught it early and managed to limp it home. A week ago climbing the pass I noticed the reservoir was filling, followed by air bubbles, dumped it back into the radiator and didn't have any more problems the rest of the trip. This...
  3. Ninjaracing13

    Wanted  Black lx450 passenger door

    Looking for a black front passenger door for an lx450, rig took a good little poke from a log on the trail. Preferably somewhere in the northwest, oregon to be exact. May also be interested in the tailgate if the price is right. Pm me if you got one.
  4. Ninjaracing13

    front axle rebuild woes

    So this last spring a lc with locking axles finally appeared in the local wrecking yard after searching for a long time. Needless to say I swooped them up. The truck had taken a severe hit between the driver side doors nearly folding it in half. But the axles seemed to miss the carnage so I...
  5. Ninjaracing13

    For Sale  [OR] 5x 285/75r16 Toyo mt's

    Made the jump to 35's so my 285s are for sale $1100. 4 @ 85+% tread left, rotated and no repairs or weird wear patterns. 5th tire is brand new, sat inside on an inside tire carrier most of its life, never touched the ground. Located in salem, but could meet halfway for the right offer...
  6. Ninjaracing13

    For Sale  [OR] 97 lx450 running boards, springs, spare tire lift

    For sale Salem, OR. local buyers only pics if you really must have them :) 97lx factory running boards, front plastic, and I will even throw in the little rubber flaps for the rear doors. $80 OBO coming up with the bolts to put them on is up to you. Factory springs for said LX, $50 per...
  7. Ninjaracing13

    For Sale  [OR] 5 LX450 wheels

    5 FZJ80 wheels off an 97 LX450 400 OBO 4 are chrome, typical flaking in the recessed areas, and the spare is matching, just plain silver colored. Prefer Local to Salem Area, but would be willing to travel to meet within a reasonable distance. Not really interested in shipping these. Can...
  8. Ninjaracing13

    Wanted  Looking to buy Landcruiser rear mudflaps for my lx

    Mudflaps found, thanks though
  9. Ninjaracing13

    Wanted  fzj80 rear bumper

    i some how managed to knock my exhaust tip off and melted the rear bumper pretty good, so im looking for the plastic covers, would like to switch to landcruiser ones, preferably gun metal and local to the northwest. i can paint if the price is right.
  10. Ninjaracing13

    Looking for a JDM tire Carrier

    Long time troll, first thread ever... Took my LX up into the snow for memorial day and a run-a-way dodge managed to clip my poor truck right on the right rear taillight area with his door. minimal damage to mine, but his driverside door got folded back to the front tire. Anyways since i am...
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