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  1. eldotcruiser

    SOLD  Los Angeles: FJ80 Trail Gear Front Bumper

    In service for a few years now. Added some light tabs and painted with bed liner. $250, pick up only please.
  2. eldotcruiser

    eBay  FZJ80 Anniversary Edition Wheels

    Not mine. A couple listed on ebay with free shipping. OEM Wheels
  3. eldotcruiser

    SOLD  Los Angeles - FZJ80 40th Edition Seats

    Freshly cleaned and conditioned. Includes new Gamviti seat gears. Fronts are well used but still supportive. Some leather replaced by the PO. Second and third row have been in storage for the past few years. Save them all from collecting dust. Asking $650 obo for all three rows. More pictures...
  4. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  [SoCal] Gamviti 30/60 Towers

    Link to the thread in the main parts section: For Sale - [SoCal] Gamviti 30/60 Towers
  5. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  [SoCal] Gamviti 30/60 Towers

    I have 10 (5 pairs) 2 of these. Lost some powder coat during assembly but are in otherwise good shape with all hardware.. 60 per pair 55 shipped 260 for all 10 shipped
  6. eldotcruiser

    Front Hub and Disc

    Looking to pull the font hubs to replace wheel studs and I'd prefer not to mess with the brakes.. Is there a specific reason that the hub and disc get pulled together? Has anyone pulled the hub while leaving the disc and caliper in place? Run into any major issues doing this? TIA, Alex
  7. eldotcruiser

    Landtank Seat Extenter

    Please pardon my lousy spelling.. Anyone in central LA or the valley have these installed? I'd like to check out the headroom gain before purchasing. Thanks, Alex
  8. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  Ironman Castor Plates

    FZJ80, I believe they are 5* bolts had to be ground down to fit.. can still be tightened with a vise grip used for about 5k, did not solve my problem so they came off $70 pick up in LA/SFV, $85 shipped
  9. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  FZJ80 Pan Hards and Rear Control Arms

    All off a 97 at about 197k Front and rear panhard rods $60 each/$100 both Upper and lower RCA's $80 per pair/$150 for all plus shipping
  10. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  FZJ80 Stock Brake Rotors

    Any interest in used brake rotors off a 97? Came off at 197k Thought to be part of downhill brake wobble issue, but I fixed a handful of things at the same time (calipers, pads, bearings, axles, lspv) so I can't definitively say these were the problem. Some dirt and grease on the contact area...
  11. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  80 Series Springs

    One front: double purple, blue, white One front: purple, green, white Two rear: yellow $25 each $40 OBO for the pair, shipping not included.
  12. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  Yakima 1A Gutter Towers

    Four towers with two keys available. Bolts show some rust and can be replaced. Shipping not included. $60 per pair $100 for all four
  13. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  Cree 18-inch 72 watt LED Bar

    Four available, all in working order when last used about a year ago. One light is missing two lock washers and nuts from the attachment bolts. Shipping not included. Located in Los Angeles, CA 91607. ebay listing that I purchased from: 18" 72w Light bar LED Cree spot off road fog driving 4x4...
  14. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  (4) Highland 2006200 150 lb Ladder Rack -Los Angeles-

    Currently set at 52 inches. Can be adjusted from 37-62 inches. All hardware included. $35 each, $60 pair. Will break down and ship on your dime. Highland 2006200 Black Heavy Duty Bar Carrier
  15. eldotcruiser

    For Sale  Full Size Roof Basket, (4) Cree 18"LED's, Yakima 1A Towers -Los Angeles-)

    Selling a thrice used Stringray low profile roof basket with extension. Total inside dimension is 67x41x3 inches. Minor scratches with surface rust but still as solid as day one. Mounting hardware included. Unused and unnecessary for me at this point...
  16. eldotcruiser

    Autozone Online Sale

    20% off ship to home orders over $100 free shipping on orders over $75 thru 9/30/14
  17. eldotcruiser

    Has anyone ever tried..

    to put a digital/touch screen ac control unit in their 80? I've searched MUD and google with no results.. It looks like it would be a plug and play if someone made the right aftermarket part or maybe if the controls in the 200 series had compatible plugs?
  18. eldotcruiser

    4 LO - High RPM

    RESOLVED, THANKS! 97 FZJ.. I've noticed a difference in how long the transmission holds out before changing gears when in 4 HI vs 4 LO. In 4 HI, it will shift from 1st to 2nd at 1.5-1.8k rpm. In 4 LO (center locked) it holds on till about 2.5k rpm then sort of boosts/jumps a little into 2nd...
  19. eldotcruiser

    Wanted  80 Series Hefty Wings

    Maybe a long shot but maybe there's a set taking up space in someone's garage? Maybe someone one the interwebs knows where I can find a set for sale?
  20. eldotcruiser

    WTB: Rear stepboard screws

    for a 97 fzj80, brown interior, need screws only, see photos.. Thanks
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