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  1. ARJMN

    Crashpad Group Buy

    Hello all, I recently purchased a Crashpad Single Swag and have been pretty impressed with the service I got from the company. Swags are a new thing to most of the U.S., but I can tell you they are great. Once you get past packed size of them, they are an all-in-one bedding option. Throw it...
  2. ARJMN

    ISO 275/70-16 / stock 80 tires

    Looking for a set of low cost tires for an 80 series. Ones i have now are dated 2012 and are pretty dry rotted. Id like to drive it stock before upsizing it, so need some tires in the interim. Used is fine, just need them to be decent shape. Thanks yall.
  3. ARJMN

    Conquered Trailz Rug Road Decals For Sale

    I had these made for the Rug Road run next weekend, but wanted to offer them up to anyone who has run it and wanted one. They are $4 in person on the run this weekend. That is what they cost me to have them designed and made. I sent Erick the .gpx file and the CSC logo, and he put it all...
  4. ARJMN

    For Sale  Tucson: 1997 Lexus LX450

    Sorry if this is bad etiquette or against the rules here. I have my 1997 LX450 that I LS Swapped with a 6.0 L96 and a 6L80e. I dropped real money building it as it has a Speartech harness, Ron Davis Radiator, Lockers, Dual Batts, and all other kinds of bling. I love it. It hauls bacon all...
  5. ARJMN

    Events/Trails  Rug Road 2020 - November 7&8

    Here's the plan for the Rug Road Run. Those who want to camp on Friday, can do so at any of the spots along Copper Creek Road. I believe a number of folks have done that in years past. The run will officially start at 9:00am Saturday morning at the Rug Road turn off from Copper Creek Road...
  6. ARJMN

    Wits' End and other small businesses

    Hello all, I am going to stand on a (hopefully) short soapbox to share some thoughts with you. I recently found an email from Wits' End in my inbox. There were elements within that both caught my eye, and struck a chord. Said email is an update from Joey, the owner of Wits' End, and is...
  7. ARJMN

    Tucson Area Tube Cutting

    I am building a cart for my 3in1 metal worker and a desk for my office, but I can't get the saw I want due to it being back ordered. Does anyone in the Tucson area have a metal cutting miter saw or horizontal band-saw I can make some 45 degree cuts on? I can bribe with cold beverages. Need...
  8. ARJMN

    Mr. Carwash and My 80

    Just a quick vent here. I took the 80 through Mr. Carwash on Cortaro last Saturday and the dang thing ripped off my rain gutter trim and bent it up. I was not mad, just disappointed. I filed a claim and today I got word it was denied. They said my 80 was 20+ years old and that sometimes trim...
  9. ARJMN

    Events/Trails  Chiva Falls this Saturday?

    Thinking I am going to get out and run Chiva Falls this weekend if anyone wants to join. I have been laying low with the new job and the associated travel, so with the Covid headache, I need to get out and blow off some steam. I am thinking to hit the trail at 9am and be back when I get...
  10. ARJMN

    Auzzie Cruiser Watch

    Traveling across eastern Australia and thought I would post up some of the amazing Cruisers (and a few other fourbies).
  11. ARJMN

    Cinders Trip Planning

    Y'all, I need some suggestions. I am starting to plan a trip up north to escape the heat this summer. I want to go explore the Cinders OHV Area, and need a few suggestions for additional trails or POIs to fill a long weekend. I don't have a date yet, but I will take advice there as well.
  12. ARJMN

    Events/Trails  Open Invite - Charouleau Gap 2-8-20

    Getting the plan together for an open invite trail run at the Gap. I have never done it before, but I am told it is both challenging and a great trail. Open invite means all rigs are welcome, and there might be a number of Jeeps from my office. I'll post up more details, but wanted to get...
  13. ARJMN

    Events/Trails  Open Invite Throw-down on Rug Road 1/11 - 1/12

    Well folks, it is time I run Rug Road again. The first time, I lost my knuckle nuts and limped home. The second time, I beat the hell outta my 4Runner and limped home with a misalignment and a serious unbalanced set of wheels. This time, I'll be bringing the rebuilt Cruisa for a rematch...
  14. ARJMN

    1997 LX450 Wiring Manual

    After trying multiple searches on here and Google, I am waving the flag and asking for help. I have a 97 LX and need to find a PDF of the wiring manual. I have the wiring manual for the 96 Land Cruiser, but it has s few minor differences in what I physically have under the hood of my LX. I...
  15. ARJMN

    T-Case Rebuild - Need a Tucson Shop

    Hello All, I need recommendation for a solid and experienced shop in the Tucson area to rebuild my 80 Series transfer case and install a part time kit. I got the rig all back together after the motor swap and the test drive sounds like metal in a blender. I am not comfortable driving it...
  16. ARJMN

    Slee 2" Bump Stop Spacer for 80 Series

    Does anyone need some 2" Bump Stop Spacers? I bought 2 sets for my swap project, but I am not using them anymore, so I want to recoup some money. They are NIB, never installed. They sell for $41 and I think I paid $14ish to have them shipped, but I am selling them for $40 per pair. Saves...
  17. ARJMN

    Experienced Tucson Aluminum Welder

    Y'all, I need to find an experienced ALUMINUM welder in the Tucson area. I have to move the front wall of the sump on my LS oil pan back a bit to give some more clearance for the tie rod on my 80. I want to contract this out as I am running out of time to get the motor swap done before the...
  18. ARJMN

    Trail Tailor 80 Series Tailgate Storage

    I found these on the scratch and dent page: 80 Series Tailgate Storage Lid Regular $650 on sale for $400. I debated, but decided I need to fund my swap first.
  19. ARJMN

    Tucson Upholstery Shop Recommendation

    I need new covers installed on the front seats in my 80 and need a good shop in Tucson to do it. Any had experience in the area? Cheers Jason
  20. ARJMN

    Builds  Another LS swap? Really???

    Hello all, I figured I would take a few moments to lay out what I have been up to since my Rug Road knuckle stud debacle. I bought my 1997 LX450 Easter weekend in 2017. I had a 2000 100 series before and regretted selling it from day one. I knew I wanted another, but thought the 80 series...
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