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    Phx visit advice/help

    My family and I are taking a trip to Phoenix this weekend and I wanted to get some advice as I've never really explored AZ. We are staying in downtown phx but I'll have all day Sunday to make a day trip and see the best AZ has to offer. I have a stock 06 lc with just ko2s so no crazy trails...
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    03+ alternator rebuild

    Seems like most of what I've read covers the rebuild of the older alternators. Replacing the rectifier and regulator seem to be a bit more involved with these newer ones. Has anyone tackled one yet? Any instructions? Thanks
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    No sound, keep blowing 30a AMP radio fuse

    So I picked up an 06lc and at first I had external system not connected error. Replaced the fuse on the passenger footwell and that fixed my backup cam, nav and radio but there was no audio. Looking in the bay the 30a fuse was missing altogether. Replaced it and it immediately pops. Looked...
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    Magnetic black box on rear passenger side of roof

    Found this thing while cleaning up and I'm trying to determine if it's aftermarket or oem and what it guessing gps or xm radio.
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    2006-2007 fueling issues

    I want to say that I read somewhere the 06 and 07 had fuel pump overheating issues where they would randomly stall out. Can anyone advise as to the symptoms and fix? Thanks!
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    Wanted  03-07 100lc or lx470 in the southwest

    I know I should probably take a number with all the other threads just like this but I figure I'll give it a chance. I have a first gen tundra now and I'm looking for something new. Figured this would be a smooth transition. I'm in El paso and willing to fly out and drive back pretty much from...
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