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    Wanted FJ60 stock steering arms [FL]

    You have PM
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    Wanted  27 Spline - Worn Ebrake Drum for a 79 FJ40

    I ordered the TSM disc parking brake setup, and found it will require the 27 spline flange to mount the rotors. Seeing that the drum will be removed and only the flange will be used, I am hoping that someone with an old, worn out drum is looking to score some $$$ for the scrap. Thanks!
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    Parting Out Northern New York 1978 fj40

    I am interested in seeing the pictures. might be easier to email me the images.
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    Parting Out Northern New York 1978 fj40

    What is the condition of the rollbar and does it have all the pads?
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    ARB Rear Bumper - second spare mount?

    Good Afternoon, I have happened along a second spare for my LC200, but I cannot seem to figure out the best way to mount it in the factory (under trunk) position. The ARB rear bumper has a bracket that blocks the hole. This appears to come off, but I cannot see a way to get the tightening rod...
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    Parting Out Parting Out a 69 FJ40 in NJ

    Rear hatch struts with supports shipped to 73112?
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    eBay 2008 Land Cruiser

    Everything, so far is just as described. The ride is good and it runs pretty dang smooth! There are typical rock chips, but the dent repair shop around the corner is going to touch it up. I cannot figure out why all the tires were aired up to 40psi. Other than that, it seems like a good deal.
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    Anything fun planned for 2019?

    Hello y'all. Just trying to figure out if there is going to be any kind of fun run planned in the next few months?
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    eBay 2008 Land Cruiser

    I will let you guys know how it all turns out, it should arrive today :)
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    Potential repairs on a 2009 LC with over 150,000 miles

    Want to know more about the LC you plan to buy? Sign up for an account at then use the VIN to check out the service history. If the truck was serviced by the dealer, the records will be available. Worked great for both Toyota and Lexus when looking for my 2008 LC200.
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    Best rear cargo mat with 3rd row seats removed?

    Anyone try this kit?
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    Just registered and super excited about this get together!
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    Italian Vehicle Broker / Exporter

    I have found one of my dream Cruisers, but this one is outside Venice, Italy. Does anyone have a lead on a reliable and trustworthy Italian vehicle broker/exporter to help bring this baby home to Oklahoma City? This would be awesome! Thanks, Aaron!
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    Wanted 69' FJ40 Seat Pull handle

    I bought those a few years ago from either SOR or CruiserCorps. The fit wasn't perfect, but after a little filing, it fit fine.
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    F to Diesel direct swap?

    Hey guys, My 70 FJ40 (9/69) with F, 3 on the tree, and PTO winch are on their way to the shop for a body restoration. A local shop quoted me 4K on an engine rebuild, so I started to think alternatives. Much of the morning was spent browsing thru the tech threads, but I have not been able to find...
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    For Sale FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    BUMP. I also have a 1970 FJ40 aluminum intake manifold for sale. email is still the best way to contact!
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    For Sale FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    OK. The heat shield is pending sold. I should mail that out in a day or two. Here is a link to the air rail fj60 air rail fj60 air rail Also wanted to show these sweet hubcaps! 2016-08-03_12-35-06
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    For Sale FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, sorry about the delay. Email really does work best. I have a pending sale of the heat shield. Will get sone pics of the air rail when I get home in a few days. ACL
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    For Sale  FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, I have the following for sale, prices do not include shipping. 1980 FJ60 Parts Manifold Set - $200 OEM Carb - $100 Air Rail - Less than 300 miles - $200 Smog Hoses - $25 each Chrome hubcap set - $100 shift knob - $10 Shift fork and new throw out bearing - $75 New Clutch plate - $40...
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    NWA meeting

    Anyone up to meet at BWW at the mall tonight?
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