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  1. Dooner1

    The Dreaded Click,, except for one spot on ignition,,,

    Hit the starter with a hammer and see if she starts, might be all its needs until you replace the solenoid or starter itself
  2. Dooner1

    Front seat rail slop

    Take a 14mm socket, take 4 bolts out, remove seat and look at it. Then fix it:cheers:
  3. Dooner1

    Fuel tank gasket installation

    You're good to go...don't need anything else.
  4. Dooner1

    FJ60 Gas Tank Recall Update: January 2020

    Your the man, thanks bud!
  5. Dooner1

    Ok, what goes here? Lil' help

    Yep, there's a little trim piece there, mine are brittle and old like most of them!
  6. Dooner1

    60s of Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey and sourrounding areas

    I'll be in Portland for the weekend...but I'd love to catch the next one:D
  7. Dooner1

    STOLEN FJ60!

    There's only a few of us here in Santa Cruz with 60's...keeping my eyes open.
  8. Dooner1

    Help Stop Mice!!

    Check the grommets where the rear light wiring harness' enter the body...both of my grommets were popped out, made a nice little pathway for them, little bastards. I popped them back in, no more mice...for me anyway.
  9. Dooner1

    For Sale Champion aluminum radiator CC1213 3 row core new in box...

    Wow, sorry, didn't know that was still on there! It sold. -D
  10. Dooner1

    Leaking in the rain

    X2 on removing the fenders and re-applying seam sealer...mine had none left. Worked like a charm:bounce:
  11. Dooner1

    Gear oil smell

    If there is no leaks, check and make sure your axle vent is clear and working...I just went through this exact thing...smelling burnt gear oil. I had no leaks, fresh gear oil, cleaned my axle vent. It turned out to be my right rear brake pads, over adjusted way too tight to the point of being...
  12. Dooner1

    cummins 2.8 Poll

    Very interested!!!:D:D
  13. Dooner1

    help identify this wire to emergency brake handle

    Looks like the temp sender going to the Cat. :grinpimp:
  14. Dooner1

    Started, Squealed, smoked.

    X2 on the smog pump, just gutted mine this weekend. :D
  15. Dooner1

    Rogers Revival

    I wouldn't worry appearance at first...go through it mechanically...knuckles, brakes, fluids...etc. My drive line bolts were finger tight when I got mine a few years ago! Welcome to the fun!
  16. Dooner1

    For Sale  Champion aluminum radiator CC1213 3 row core new in box...

    Seeing if anyone is interested. Had this for a while...haven't needed to install it. I thought my current radiator was leaking, but it was just the cap! Fits the FJ60 and 62. Around $200 new, I'd like to get $175 and I'll cover shipping. -D
  17. Dooner1

    Clutch installation

    I believe the cutoff date is may 1985 for the direct swap...just check to see if you have the big spacer bolted to the back of the tranny. Then you just have to plug the extra bolt hole in the front of the t-case half and install the 5th gear oiler cup...easy. You should be fine with the clutch...
  18. Dooner1

    Clutch installation

    Hey, I went through "beno" (Onur) here on Mud. Great guy...knows what he's doing and was able to source everything I needed including all of the clutch components and misc items. Great prices as well! I'll be glad to answer any questions about the problem. -D
  19. Dooner1

    Clutch installation

    Cool, just did this a few months ago...along with an H55. I bolted the new tranny mount to the plywood then bolted the plywood to be jack...made everything so much easier!! Have fun!
  20. Dooner1

    Not another fj60 gas tank recall issue. Called Toyota corporate today.

    That's sounds better! The tanks...under extreme conditions, could come apart at some of the seams...causing a leak, which could possibly start a fire.
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