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  1. voodu3

    No CEL when turning Key to ON and already replaced Relays and Fusible Link

    This might help if you decide to check it yourself assuming the ecu is the same
  2. voodu3

    No CEL when turning Key to ON and already replaced Relays and Fusible Link

    Have you checked and tested your ecu? I would start there.
  3. voodu3

    Rubber U-Shaped Part - What is it called?

    Get these 80 Series Machined Sway Bar Bushing Cap Kit- Rear - from @NLXTACY and these Land Cruiser Products - LCP - from @LandCruiserPhil and you’ll be set.
  4. voodu3

    Rubber U-Shaped Part - What is it called?

    It’s your sway bar bushing.
  5. voodu3

    OEM fuse pigtail part #?

    You can probably get them from the dealer or get some of these and build your own. 50 PCS 2.0 Series car Fuse Box Terminal 2.0 Vehicle Instrument Plug Spring Terminal Block BX2201-2
  6. voodu3

    Replacement door handles

    Check with @slow95z and @Deathvalleypaul tjey probably have a good used one
  7. voodu3

    Help identifying lift/height please

    First thing you should do is get an alignment. This will tell you what needs to be corrected and how much. My guess is you need caster correction.
  8. voodu3

    Reverse Circuit - Low Voltwge

    When I did mine I tapped into the reverse lights in the harness next to the driver side door under the sill cover. Not sure if location makes a difference. Also check the settings on the head unit. Mine went black once and the setting was reversed. I switched it back and it worked. I think...
  9. voodu3

    front spring coils support Sumo coil helpers for $139

    What are you trying to do with the coil stiffeners? If your trying to level your truck get these from @Delta VS Delta Vehicle Systems - FJ80/FZJ80/LX450 Spring Spacer -
  10. voodu3

    Headlight conversion 7” round

    The ones in the valance are from ***NEW**** 2017 F250/F350 Double Hidden Grille Mount LED Lights (Includes two 11" LED Light Bars, two hidden grille mounts, and wire harness) -...
  11. voodu3

    Halo Lights - Turn Signal vs Hazard Light

    1. The corner lights can act as a signal but it’s not wired that way stock. The amber indicator in the valance is the signal light. 2. The corner light is your parking light should come on with the first turn on the switch. 3. You can wire it this way you just have to tap into the harness for...
  12. voodu3

    Headlight conversion 7” round

    I think he’s just doing the round headlight buckets with the grille pkg. This is the way you want to go. I’ve got the original ones that are cutout for the stock grille they are awesome but...
  13. voodu3

    Autopart_US Grille (eBay) ?

    If you want a good grille get one of these
  14. voodu3

    First Cross Country Trip: South Carolina to California. What can I expect/tips for the drive in my '95.

    I wouldn’t worry about how many hours you drive it in a day. If everything is working well it shouldn’t matter. I would definitely get the brakes and tires checked out and replaced if needed. You don’t want to get a flat or have an issue stopping when pulling a trailer. As far as other things...
  15. voodu3

    Swivel hub seals 95 80 seriesFzj

    This diagram should help. It’s a been awhile since I had mine apart but I’m pretty sure that’s the gasket that goes between the spindle and the knuckle.
  16. voodu3

    O2 sensors in pair read location on 93-94 cruisers

    I’ve had mine moved for three years with no issues.
  17. voodu3

    Meijer brand oil vs WalMart Super Tech?

    I’m sure in a pinch they are better than no oil. I know I’ve used the super tech products before. If price is the concern you can get gallons of Mobil Delvac 15w40 at autozone for the same price. They even had a rebate last year for $5 off per gallon. There are a bunch of YouTube videos...
  18. voodu3

    Second time failing smog.. Couple questions.

    This might help
  19. voodu3

    Pin 7 mod in snow and ice (no lockers)?

    Whenever I’m driving and the conditions are such that traction is a concern I always lock the center diff with the dash button. I’m not sure if it is technically correct but it works for me know the power is split equally front and rear. As for the ABS that has been discussed hundreds of...
  20. voodu3

    For Sale FJ80 Complete Grey Cloth Interior in Very Good Shape. NO SHIPPING

    I wish I was closer this is killer deal.
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