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  1. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  Parts stash - pending sale

    Pending pickup Lot from 66 FJ40, some from 1980 FJ40 (carbs, air cleaner, floor mats) and some from FJ60 (power steering setup, dented side cover/diz) pretty comprehensive list: FJ 40 Early bench seat front seat frame and pads - not complete, needs some repair Conferr rear bench seat -...
  2. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  FJ45(?) for $3800 - Duluth MN - not mine

    Maybe a little rough, chopped up, 350, but in this part of the world it doesn't look bad to me, especially for 3800. Of course theres no pics of the usual trouble spots. If it wasn't 5 hours away I'd probably go check it out. Pic 4 makes me think its a 45...the worst part is its posted as a...
  3. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  FJ60 $10 parts thread

    Found a box of extra parts - $10 each plus the ride: Brown covers for the rear wheels - carefully cut to remove (pair) Tailgate lower hinges - 2 sets Tailgate side hinges - 1 full set + 1 side Tailgate weather stripping - ok shape - 3-4 little rips Hood latch Rear wiper fluid bag/pump/hoses...
  4. La Crosse FJ fan

    Wanted  Hardtop hatch/lifgate handles + access cover

    Looking for the internals, both handles and access cover for a 70s hardtop. Also need both stays and good weatherstrip
  5. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  1980 FJ40 project - WI/MN

    After many years of collecting vehicles and parts I've decided to put up my 1980 restoration project up for sale. Located on I90 in La Crosse, WI. Here's a mostly complete list: 1980 FJ40 clear title w/ collector plates factory power steering desmogged w/ weber carb tri-y headers brand new BFGs...
  6. La Crosse FJ fan

    Looking for advice for reattaching rear spring plates

    I'm starting my first frame off restoration and had to remove the rusted out rear spring plates. I got a replacement set and bolted it at the 5 previous rivet holes with grade 8 hardware. Is this strong enough, or should I also have it welded. I don't have welding skills, but a local guy will...
  7. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  1961 FJ25 barn find [MN]

    Just saw this while browsing through my local buyers express. I have no affilition nor have I seen the vehicle. It's about 2 hours from me in Faribault, MN (south of MNPLS). Here's the ad: 1961 Toyota Landcruiser FJ25, 38000 original miles, original condition, always shedded, not driven for...
  8. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  FJ60 $10 parts thread

    I just found 2 more boxes of stuff: ash tray for rear door, good shape hood release mechanism, springs look good rear marker lights w/ good gaskets (complete assemblies) ea rear view mirror, moves well but not too loose rear windshield wiper fluid bags with pumps, look fine - 2 of them...
  9. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  2 stock FJ60 wheels 1 early FJ40 rim [WI]

    The stock 60 chrome rims have decent bridgestone tires on them, no cracking 40-50% tread. some light rust, will come right off with mothers mag polish. FJ40 rim was the spare, tire is just a roller sorry, not looking to ship these. Located in La Crosse, WI $40 each
  10. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  FJ60 exhaust (cat and muffler) - [WI]

    I had saved this off a parts truck I had in Colorado. brought with me to Wisconsin. very good condition, surface rust on cat section. complete from the flange to the tailpipe. sorry, not interested in shipping this. located in La Crosse, WI $150
  11. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  60/62 tailgate - rust free (from CA)

    Came from a 1990 62 in California, completely rust free, small ding from shipping (see pic). I'm not interested in shipping this, it was over $100 and I'm sure someone in the midwest needs this anyways. Was for my 84, but truck sold. light blue/silver color $250
  12. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  Early FJ40 parts, diz, valve cover, hubs, oil fill cap

    Cleaning out the garage. Frame vin came back as a 67 so I assume thats the year of these parts. I never ran this truck, bought it as a rolling chasis that was stored in a garage. PO removed body and was looking for a new tub but gave up. F engine oil fill cap, still available - $15 shipped
  13. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  Toyota Factory Service Manuals

    Landcruiser chassis and body fj6-, 7- series oct. 1984 no. 36262E excellent shape, small crease on corner of cover $60 - shipped 1985 owner's manual part # 01999-60527 very good condition, some cover wear SOLD 2F engine repair aug, 1980 no. 36104 very good...
  14. La Crosse FJ fan

    For Sale  85 FJ-60 [La Crosse WI]

    Newer link to ebay: Time for my old tank to find a new home. Just replaced the water pump and radiator...
  15. La Crosse FJ fan

    Wanted  Wanted: floor mats for 95 fj80

    I'd like some all-weather rubber mats, but would consider carpet (blue/grey color scheme).
  16. La Crosse FJ fan

    Early FJ40 frame - blasted and painted - WI

    Had it professionally blasted and painted with an epoxy frame paint (semi-gloss black). Was going to use as a start to my first frame off, but I got a later model frame and drivetrain with power steering that I'm going to build instead. When I first got it a fellow mud member ran the VIN search...
  17. La Crosse FJ fan

    Wanted  Rear shackle mounts with frame plates - 79 fj40

    I'm starting my first frame off restoration and these need to be replaced. Frame is a 79 fj40. Need drivers side for sure, seems like it would make sense to replace both. I need the triangle shaped plates and would prefer that the shackle mount is still attached. I could probably reuse the...
  18. La Crosse FJ fan

    Wanted  wanted: early fj40 body tub to frame rubber mounts

    Getting ready to put my tub on the freshly sandblasted and painted frame and start putting humpty back together again... If it matters I believe it's a 1966. I have a couple that could be re-used so it doesn't have to be a full set, just need them cheap. Good hardware would be a plus too.
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