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  1. voodu3

    Bully liner on woot!

    This looks like pretty good deal.
  2. voodu3

    BaT  2000 4Runner supercharged on BAT

    Not mine but there is about 30 mins left on this auction if anyone is interested. No Reserve: Supercharged 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4
  3. voodu3

    Cheap Winch at Jegs

    I don’t know if these are any good but it showed up in my email this morning...
  4. voodu3

    Noco Genius charger on woot

    Anyone needing a battery charger this is deal. I’ve had one for 3 years and it works great. I’ve brought at least a dozen batteries back from the dead with mine.
  5. voodu3

    McGeorge Toyota shippping discount

    I got this email this morning and thought I’d pass it along.
  6. voodu3

    Engel fridge freezers

    I just got this email from Engel on refurbished fridge freezer. A pretty good deal if someone is looking.
  7. voodu3

    Is this rig a mud member’s?

  8. voodu3

    BaT  HDJ80 on BAT this morning

    Not mine but pretty cool.
  9. voodu3

    Mobil Delvac on sale and rebate

    Autozone has Mobil Delvac on sale for $15 a gallon and there is a rebate from Mobil for $5/gallon. $10/gallon for 15w40 seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  10. voodu3

    craigslist  not mine but a cool rig
  11. voodu3

    Ditch marker lights

    I always thought the fender mounted side marker lights looked cool and ditch lights would be nice to have. No offense to anyone that has them but I wasn’t crazy about how the cubes mounted on the mirrors looked. So I found some small flush mounted led flood lights Shenzhen Aurora Technology...
  12. voodu3

    MUDShip  TN to WI to DC to TN this week

    I’m heading out to Madison, WI this Thursday from Chattanooga, TN with an empty pick up to help my brother move to DC this weekend. I’ll be heading back to TN on Monday or Tuesday next week. If anyone needs anything hauled or picked up along these routes let me know.
  13. voodu3

    SOLD  Chattanooga, TN metal tech 2” coil spacers

    Used set of 2” Metal Tech coil spring spacers off of my 80. They are in great shape just a few scratches from being installed. $75 plus shipping
  14. voodu3

    For Sale  Chattanooga, TN 80 series control arms

    One Pair of rear lower control arms off of ‘93 $50 for pair plus shipping One pair of front radius arms $50 each pair plus shipping
  15. voodu3

    Parting Out  Spring Cleaning odds and end off 93 Chattanooga, TN

    1- Denso rebuilt 80 amp alternator $50 plus shipping 24- Acorn style lug nuts $3 each or $48 for all shipped 1- center cap $10 shipped 1- passenger side cat guard/skid $15 shipped 1- Pair stock front control arms $25 each plus shipping Misc list below make an offer: If you'll cover shipping...
  16. voodu3

    SOLD  Chattanooga, TN 93 80 series ABS sensors

    I have the four ABS wheel sensors off my 93. They were working properly when abs was deleted about 6 months ago. Make me an offer sale or trade for the set shipped.
  17. voodu3

    30mm coil spacers

    I’m working on the suspension on my 80 and I’m looking for a local to Chattanooga source for some coil spacers to level out the suspension. Particularly some 30mm ones for the rear springs. If anyone knows where I might find some I’d appreciate it. Thanks
  18. voodu3

    SOLD  Chattanooga, TN Stock 80 aluminum rims

    I have 5 stock 80 series aluminum rims off of my 93 I’d like to find a new home for. $40 each plus shipping. If someone wants all 5 I’ll take $150 plus shipping. The single rim pic is the worst one.
  19. voodu3

    For Sale  Chattanooga, TN stock 80 control arms

    Two pairs of stock front control arms $75 a pair plus shipping
  20. voodu3

    SOLD  Chattanooga, TN pair of Headlights off my 93 80 series

    I have a pair of headlights off of my ‘93 80 series. They are in good condition. $50 each or $75 for the pair. I’m willing to ship them on buyers dime. Thanks
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