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  1. Dparo

    Are you tall? Do you have knee pain or sciatica from the drivers seat angle?

    I also experienced knee pain on long trips.
  2. Dparo

    Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    I'm looking to get rid of the butterfly.
  3. Dparo

    Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    What about a cupholder that can do the 30oz Yeti on the left (two stage) and a 32oz Nalgene on the right? YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler With MagSlider Lid - It steps up and with the smaller diameter on the bottom the...
  4. Dparo

    SOLD 96 LX450

    Thanks, looking for gray.
  5. Dparo

    SOLD 96 LX450

    What color was the interior?
  6. Dparo

    Events/Trails 10th Annual 100s in the Hills! *Silverton, Colorado July 22 - 27 2020*

    Is there any place near that has RV hookups? I’d settle just for an elec hookup to keep the wife sane.
  7. Dparo

    Amsoil products

    Shoot me a DM on what you need and I’ll get you a price. I know many people prefer factory oil filters so I am looking to possibly stock some as well.
  8. Dparo

    How to maintain a car that is left out in the cold and can't be driven for a few weeks?

    I throw a battery tender on mine.
  9. Dparo

    Trade Northwest Indiana gray rear bumper and hitch from 2007 Land Cruiser

    Is a $50 bottle of bourbon fair?
  10. Dparo

    Trade  Northwest Indiana gray rear bumper and hitch from 2007 Land Cruiser

    Trade: I’m located in Northwest Newton County near Rt41, nearest town is Morocco. Can meet on 41 or come to my house.
  11. Dparo

    Amsoil products

    Feeling this there any interest in Amsoil products? I am a dealer and have been thinking about putting something together for forum members. I see on some other forums that there is “a guy” but not much here. Thoughts?
  12. Dparo

    ISO 100 Series Shop in Middle Tennesse/Alabama/Kentucky

    Specialty 4WD Walton, Ky. He is a Land Cruiser guy. If there is something I don’t want to do (DT headers, CV’s) I drive five hours there.
  13. Dparo

    Shot in the dark but black LX450 seen on the Magruder in September

    I was in the gray 100. I remember it being near the west end of the Magruder and I have no idea why I didn’t ask here sooner, really wanted some details on the build. It was a black LX450, maybe with 37’s? Anyway I’m looking to pick one up, really wanted to know more. Thanks.
  14. Dparo

    New dissent offroad no cut rear bumper!

    Still looking for another swingarm strut since one of mine snapped. Anyone have a spare?
  15. Dparo

    Escape Gear Seat Covers

    I ordered these through Equipt for my front row only. It took around seven weeks or so iirc to receive. They are great, very durable and well made, and I am happy with them. Shipping was $90. Two slight gripes, they shipped in a bag which was packed in a plastic shipping bag. Mine had a...
  16. Dparo

    New dissent offroad no cut rear bumper!

    I have.
  17. Dparo

    New dissent offroad no cut rear bumper!

    Mine won’t open with gate down.
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