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  1. UZJ40

    craigslist  Las Vegas - 2008 LC200 - 72k Miles

    This is down the road from me... If anyone is interested in traveling to get it I may be able to look at it for you.
  2. UZJ40

    SOLD  For Sale: One-of-a-kind Off Road Camp Trailer - Fully Loaded and Ready to Go! Las Vegas, NV

    Off Road Camp Trailer Custom Built to Spec Small, Light, and Nimble Electric Brakes ARB Fridge ARB Roof Tent ARB 1250 Awning ARB 2500 Awning ARB Awning Room for 2500 Awning Ridgid Industries Area Lights 20g Fresh Water Tank EcoTemp Water Heater Mattress Has Been Upgraded to ExPed Megamat Duo...
  3. UZJ40

    Anybody know who's 40/45 this is?

    I saw it last week in Sand Hollow UT but didn't have a chance to talk. It appears to be on an 80 frame. Curious about the rest of the build.... Thanks!
  4. UZJ40

    Any updates or information from guys running a Cummins R2.8?

    I know there are a couple build threads floating around, but it would be nice to hear some updated information regarding drive ability, install issues, etc. Any input from our 2.8 guys? Thanks!
  5. UZJ40

    Changing the orientation of an 80 front axle...

    Looking for some advice regarding an 80 front axle. I'm currently building an extended cab FJ45 on an 80 frame (link in sig). I was dead set on using the 1FZ, but I have access to a 3UR drivetrain I'd like to use if possible. The largest obstacle I see is the front diff drop side and lack of...
  6. UZJ40

    80 Series ABS Booster and Master vs. Non ABS

    I've read quite a few threads regarding master and booster upgrades, and I see the 80 series non-ABS is popular, but I don't see any mention of why. The ABS setup I have looks very similar to the non-ABS. Are there internal differences? Thank you
  7. UZJ40

    Alternate 1FZ Coolant Temp Sensor Locations

    I'm using a 1FZ in a project and I'm needing to add an additional coolant temp sensor to it for my gauge setup. Aside from drilling and tapping into the block next to the OEM sensor to add another, does anybody have a good idea on where to add another? I thought about putting a 'T' in the...
  8. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: OEM FJ40 FST Drop Down Tailgate w/Hardware

    Pretty good condition Some rust on the bottom, but really not bad and completely usable as is Hardware pictured is included, I don't have anything else. Not willing to split up hardware now. PRICE DROP -- $350 plus shipping, or pick up in Las Vegas, NV
  9. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: Early FJ40 Turn Signal Switch

    Good condition Missing the upper mounting plate, below the steering wheel Includes the lever and the electrical switch $50 shipped
  10. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: FJ40 Front Door Hinges

    Good condition No pins included Came off a 67 $50 shipped, or pick up in Las Vegas
  11. UZJ40

    Wanted  NV: ONE 80 Series OEM Wheel

    Just looking for one like this- Thanks
  12. UZJ40

    SOLD  NV: 80 Series 1FZ Fan and Fan Clutch

    Good Condition $50 plus shipping, or pick up in Las Vegas, NV
  13. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: OME 80 Series Springs - .25-.75" Lift, 2861 & 2862

    Good condition $200 plus shipping, or pick up in Las Vegas, NV
  14. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: 67 FJ40 Wiper Motors

    One functions perfectly, one does not work but looks to be rebuildable $80 shipped for both
  15. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: 93 80 Series Front and Rear Full Float Axles - Non Locked

    Just switched these out for a locked set Good condition overall Rear is missing driver's side caliper Front is just the 3rd member and axle tube - no knuckels, brakes, or axles $300 for both, picked up in Las Vegas
  16. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: Late FJ40 Wiper Linkage

    Excellent Condition $80 plus shipping, or pick up in Las Vegas, NV
  17. UZJ40

    For Sale  NV: 67 FJ40 Instrument Cluster

    Good shape Speedometer and odometer work, not sure about the others $100 plus shipping, or pick up in Las Vegas, NV Are you still buying these @65swb45 ?
  18. UZJ40

    Wanted  Early FJ40 Front Door Parts

    Looking for: Access panel cover (one) Pull handle (one) Door lock spring housing... just the part circled in red (need two of them, actually) Thanks
  19. UZJ40

    Roll Cage A-Pillar Interference with Windshield Fold Down Latches

    I had a Metal Tech Jackson cage in my 76 FJ40, which I loved. I really liked how the A pillar wrapped around the dash and had the build in handle. I was planning on buying one for my 67, but it seems it will interfere with the windshield fold down latches. I'm actually planning on folding the...
  20. UZJ40

    MUDShip  Looking for CO Springs to Las Vegas or KOH

    Hoping to get an 80 series front axle picked up in CO Springs and brought to Vegas or King of the Hammers this year. Thank you!
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