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    Kenda 35x10.50/17 on fnwheels six shooters

    Put a set of the Kenda RTs on the wife's Heep. Some of the best tires I've used so far. Priced well and minimal tread wear at 15K+ miles. Glad to hear others like them too.
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    Recommendation for Shop capable of an 80 Series full Restoration?

    You might also check out Proffitt's resurrection land cruisers. in Orchard City, CO on the Western slope.
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    Ethanol free ?

    Living at elevation I can say that my 97 HATES the, "ethanol enriched fuel". The only type of ethanol free we have locally is premium at about $4+/gal. When I drive on a warm day, from town (5800') to home (7100') the thing smells like a distillery . It's worse the higher up I go. Last year my...
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    FZJ80 Pocket Flares 93-97 now available

    I hope you find a good glass guy soon. My 97's flares are looking rough and it's time for some new. Good luck
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    What is under my seat?

    You're doing better than me. I have the same dirt but with mouse turds showing up. Lazy stinking cats.💩
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    New guy here

    Sounds like you belong on MUD. With the way parts availability/prices are going on the 80s you need to able to build things yourself. Oh, and by the way, Welcome to the insanity!
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    80 series 4.5 petrol FZJ80, 1FZ-FE intermittent power loss.

    Fuel pressure?
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    Painting Land Cruiser Rustoleum

    I painted my 72 Blazer with Rustoleum about 20 years ago using an electric sprayer. Wet sanded it first and thinned the paint down quite a bit. Sprayed several coats allowing it to tack between. I was able to get a real nice gloss by rubbing it out and waxing it after a few months of cure time...
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    5.5in vacuum at 10,000 ft, I need more for the booster?

    Summit Racing has electric vacuum pumps for use on big cammed cars.
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    Charcoal Canister

    Ours has that strange smell too. I think ours is due to the wonderful amount of ethanol in our gas here. I know a good dirt bike won't hardly run on the stuff after sitting for a week or so. Same smell in it's gas tank as well.
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    NWTI bumpers

    Omaha and weather warming up. That makes chills run down my spine! I was born and raised there, left in 2000. There are a lot of things I still miss about it but the weather ain't one. I noticed that the CWS starts at the end of the week. That always means storms and tornados. Good luck with...
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    Do you prefer to drain from radiator petcock or lower radiator hose?

    ? Snap-On/Free? Never had that happen in almost 40 years of dealing with them unless it was something broken. I am impressed:clap:
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    [off topic] fuel economy and synthetic engine oils

    We definently notice the summer/winter blend thing as well. As far as oil, find one your vehicle and wallet likes and go with it. What I've noticed over way too many years is that certain vehicles like certain oils as well as fuels better. It's just like women prefer certain wines over others...
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    LCA Sleeve

    Hey Summiteer, you must have checked DOM prices down here in Montrose at Recla. Them boys give you nothing for old scrap but SURE like to charge you when you buy something:)
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    fuel injectors.....who reconditions them?

    Being a Montrose resident myself the elevation does tax them a bit. We put 315 tires on ours and regeared to 488s made a huge improvement. The wife keeps track of mileage in ours and in the summer it gets around 15-16mpg but when the winter grade gas comes in it drops by a couple. I love that...
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    Parting Out '96 80 Series entire body and interior

    I was wondering if you still have the front passenger interior door panel? What would your total be shipped to Montrose, CO 81403? Thanks
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    Parting Out Parting 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FJZ80

    Looking for the front passenger side door panel shipped to 81403
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    thermostat temp

    Had to have a radiator shop flush the cores on the wifes 97. She has great heat now as well. I had tried it at home backflushing and all and couldn't get much heat. Warm wife=happier life
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    Highway Speed Shake When Braking

    One problem I had many years ago with some rotors on a new vehicle was poor metalurgy which left spots in the rotors that were harder than others. This caused a lot of pulsation which "surprise" didn't go away with turning. It took about 5k miles to show up. Once they were replaced the brakes...
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    Is this my fuel pump?

    Mine was doing almost the exact same thing and was driving me crazy. It kept throwing a PO code(can't remember the number) something about being lean some of the things were O2 sensors, MAF, fuel filter, etc. Finally pulled the pump to replace the spotless sock and noticed that someone had...
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