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  1. togntime1

    73 FJ40 - Random Complete Power Loss

    Thanks for the input regarding the switch!
  2. togntime1

    73 FJ40 - Random Complete Power Loss

    Since last fall my 40 has been reliable and trouble free - until last weekend. While cruising about 40-mph it suddenly shut down. No sputtering at all, just died. I coasted to the side of the road turned the ignition off, then went to re-start and it fired right back up. I ran it a couple more...
  3. togntime1

    VIN Plate

    Not sure. If the vehicle is title exempt, but seller has transferable registration where is the problem?
  4. togntime1

    VIN Plate

    I guess it depends on what the intent is...some states don't title vehicles older than 15 years old. I bought a non titled vehicle and got it registered in my name no problem.
  5. togntime1

    For Sale 3DPrinted : OEM Spec Radio Plate, Two Tone Print

    I appreciate the opportunity to get in line for a hacked up dash one measuring 7 1/4" by 2 1/8". Thanks!
  6. togntime1

    FJ40 passenger bucket seat

    Thanks guys. I should of specified it's a '73. Fixed passenger seat it is!
  7. togntime1

    FJ40 passenger bucket seat

    Is the passenger bucket supposed to slide? the rails look like it does, but mine doesn't have the lever to release the pin.
  8. togntime1

    16" wheel options

    I'm a little embarressed to say - Velcro. I cut out the inner flange on the hubcaps and they fit nicely around the profile of the steelie wheels. So far so good, a couple hundred miles and I haven't lost one and they haven't shifted. Admittedly, I haven't done any wheeling. I went with the...
  9. togntime1

    16" wheel options

    I went with the 16x7 smoothies and the tire combo you want. No issues with the 4"bs.
  10. togntime1

    Brake/Hazard/Turn Signal Wiring Issues

    Are they new tail lights? What happens when the brake is pressed at the same time as a turn signal? Does anything flash?
  11. togntime1

    Wanted 3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    It appears I'm looking for the unicorn Mark describes above! Looks like I'll be doing with out it.
  12. togntime1

    Wanted 3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    Interesting. I think I have a rare bird with the 4-speed tunnel with the 3 speed tranny. I have to double check - I didn't think the 4 speed boot fit, and the 3 speed fits much looser than the pics you guys posted.
  13. togntime1

    Wanted  3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    Title says it all. Looking for a 3-speed shift boot retainer ring. Any out there?
  14. togntime1

    Wanted  PCV Hose 12/73 FJ40

    Title says it all anyone have an OEM PCV hose for a 12/73 FJ40?
  15. togntime1

    A "I Shouldn't Have" Resto of a 73 FJ

    It's been a great ride and I couldn't have done it without all the informative people in this community! I have to say thanks to all those that take the time to post such great build threads that prove to be such a resource for info. I apologize that I couldn't keep up with all my lessons...
  16. togntime1

    Wanted Under seat jack mount

    I believe the top one. It's for a 1974.
  17. togntime1

    Wanted  Under seat jack mount

    anyone have a jack mount their willing to sell?
  18. togntime1

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Thanks! Yes. Heath grey.
  19. togntime1

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Well, it's been a 3 year process, but I actually got mine out and took it for a spin! Couldn't of done it without all the help and things I've read on here!
  20. togntime1

    73 FJ40 water temp sending units and their correct resistance

    Does anyone know if the resistance is different between the two water temp sending units? When I plug my cluster gauge into the sending unit closest to the firewall the temp gauge barely moves from the left. When I plug the cluster gauge into the foreword sending unit (the unit I believe...
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