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  1. bringemback

    Wanted SD40 sight glass or SD40 Carb

    WARNING !!!!!!!!!!! I placed a WANTED Notice on the website. I received a notice from a cclar that he had a SD40 Carburetor for sale and to contact him by email at I sent him money via Walmart Transfer (My mistake). He said he would send out the carburetor that evening...
  2. bringemback

    Wanted  67 F Engine Carb or Sight Glass

    I am in need of a sight glass (large) for a 67 F engine SD-40 carburetor or would consider an SD-40 carburetor. Thanks
  3. bringemback

    Wanted  STARTER DRIVE FOR 67 FJ40

    I am rebuilding a starter from a 67 F Engine and I need the starter drive.
  4. bringemback

    1967 FJ40 Rear Corner Window Rubber

    This is my first post. Actually my second. I posted this is the regular forum section and decided it may belong in this section. I am in the process of purchasing a 67 fj40 that needs some help. I've been doing some preliminary searches for parts, etc. One of the things that I will want to do...
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