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  1. shmukster

    For Sale  PA 2F cylinder head

    Dug this baby out from the back of a shelf not sure where it came from but I think it's probably from a mid-late seventies 2F. You can see the casting numbers in the photos. I know good cylinder heads are awfully hard to come by these days, I'm gonna put a $250 price tag on it. And I don't want...
  2. shmukster

    SOLD  PA 2F thermostat housing

    Dug this piece out for someone who needed a different style. Rather than put it away I'm listing it here. Looks OK to me, it's the style with four bolts holding the cover to the bottom. The vacuum switches are there. Needs cleaning, and of course if desired I will remove the hoses to fit it into...
  3. shmukster

    For Sale  PA Energy suspension FJ40 body mount kit

    Here's another dusty box I just dug off a storage shelf. I'm gonna say I highly doubt that this is complete- but there are a lot of pieces. In any event what you see is what you get. Includes the two direction sheets and the original box. Priced accordingly at $48. Buyer pays shipping. Best to...
  4. shmukster

    SOLD  PA FJ40 red insignia steering wheel center pad

    Found this nice pad while cleaning out some shelves. Real nice shape price $24, buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  5. shmukster

    For Sale  PA FJ60 fat body electronic distributor

    Got this distributor on a running 2F awhile back it was in I believe an 85 FJ60. It's been sitting for awhile so I am gonna call it condition unknown. Priced accordingly at $100 these are getting hard to find. Buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  6. shmukster

    SOLD  PA 30 spline Warn hubs

    Cleaning out more boxes of parts and came across these Warn hubs. First set looks to be complete and functional. These are used, need to be cleaned, and are priced accordingly at $75 for the pair. Buyer pays shipping these can fit into a medium priority box. Best to email me...
  7. shmukster

    SOLD  PA pair of good FJ40 defrost hoses SOLD

    Found another pair of defrost hoses from an FJ40. Dirty but in good shape. They have the holes for the side window defrost hoses, one still has the plug in it. Price $40 for the pair buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  8. shmukster

    For Sale  PA vintage pig run T shirts and Knights of the Iron Pig shirt

    Well as I continue to clean out shelves and storage boxes I constantly find interesting things. Today I pulled out a box full of T-shirts, box was from way back when in 2013 for one of the east coast pig runs. I was the organizer of these runs and for this one had some dandy shirts made. In fact...
  9. shmukster

    Early pig run in PA

    Found this photo while going through some things and my wife was kind enough to scan it for me. This was one of the early pig runs I'm guessing sometime around 2000 or so. From left to right is Gary Webster is his pretty much stock 68 or 69, then me on my 71 I wheeled than thing for years with a...
  10. shmukster

    Happy birthday Vince!!!!!

    Happy birthday Vince hope to see you on the trail again soon!!!
  11. shmukster

    For Sale  PA evaporative canister from a 78 FJ40

    Selling this evap canister I have it tagged as having come from a running 78 FJ40 that I sold the engine from. These seem to be hard to find this one looks pretty good and the electrical connector and its clip is unmolested. $50 plus the ride. Best to email me
  12. shmukster

    For Sale  PA FJ40 low horn

    Dug a few horns out for a guy and this one is available. It is marked L not sure what year truck it came from. Works fine. $20 plus the ride best to email me
  13. shmukster

    SOLD  PA FJ40 defrost hoses in good shape

    Found a nice pair of FJ40 defrost hoses while cleaning out some parts bins. Not sure what year they're from but they do have the outlet for the side window defrost hoses. These outlets are not open as you can see in the photos. I'm gonna say $50 for the pair plus shipping I haven't seen a nice...
  14. shmukster

    FREE  PA Early Orion idler gear

    Cleaning off my workbench and came across this idler gear, came from what was apparently one of the earlier Orions. I got the transfer case in for repair, of course it had been assembled improperly. When ordering the replacement parts from Advance Adapters the owner was told he was going to have...
  15. shmukster

    For Sale  PA 4Runner tail light

    Going through a pile of NOS Toyota parts that I picked up at a sale years ago, mostly Corolla/Supra stuff but I did come across this 4Runner tail light. Box says it's for the right side of a 9/2000 and up 4Runner. I believe it is brand new and of course is in the original box. How's $60 side...
  16. shmukster

    For Sale  PA some hard to find oddball fj40 parts

    Doing some more cleaning out and came across several smaller easy to ship items all these are for an FJ40. Have two roll bar clamps these look to both be for the same side very good shape $20 each Both sold Bracket for securing the sheet metal style spare tire carrier $30 Enclosure for stock...
  17. shmukster

    For Sale  PA land cruiser Lockrite and Genuine Gear lockers

    Cleaning shop and came across these two lockers. Both appear to be complete with all small parts, and both look to be in very good hardly used condition. The Lock rite has the owner's and installation manuals, cross shaft and locking screw but not the original box. The Genuine gear has the...
  18. shmukster

    SOLD  PA FJ60 instrument cluster

    Selling a complete instrument cluster from a running FJ60 mileage on the odometer is 216,164. Not cracked or busted complete with tach, speedo, odometer, and other gauges. Wiring connectors included Price $45 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  19. shmukster

    For Sale  PA cheap miscellaneous 40 parts

    Pair of door handles no idea exactly where they are from $10 for both SOLD Interior lights no idea of they are functional $10 for the lot SOLD Carb spacer with vac tub good shape even the gaskets look usable $18 SOLD Side window hinge assembly $10 SOLD Best to email me
  20. shmukster

    SOLD  PA FJ60 radio brackets and adjustable vent outlets BOTH SOLD

    Going through some parts crates and came across some 60 series tidbits. A pair of original radio mounting brackets $12 the pair SOLD. And a pair of adjustable air vent outlets $18 the pair Sold. Buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
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