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    New FN Wheels BFD in bronze on LX570

    Just got the updated FN Wheels BFD Wheels in Bronze installed on my LX570 and they look amazing. I know there were some concerns with using FN Wheels previously due to their load rating and they have recently updated the wheel and they are now flow formed with a 2,500 lb per wheel load rating...
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    For Sale  FS: Thule Crossroad Roof Rack Footpack Set 450R

    Up for sale is a like new set of Thule Rapid Crossroad foot pack to add a Thule roof rack to your factory bars. I used these twice on my 5th gen 4Runner and they will fit other models including the Land Cruiser and LX/GX roof racks as these are universal fit. Asking $140 shipped in the USA...
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    Wanted  200 series Land Cruiser OEM roof rack (Atlanta or Southeast)

    Hi everyone, Title says it all, looking for an OEM roof rack from a 200 series LC. Let me know if you've got one!
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    Changing out hub grease caps on early LX570 / LC200 to fit new center caps

    On my 2008 LX570 I recently picked up a new set of 18" wheels off a 2020 Land Cruiser. Of course the hub diameter is the same but on early model 200 series LX & LC's the hub grease cap is a slightly different shape which prevents the wheel center caps from installing all the way flush without...
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    OEM Toyota LED fog light upgrade for LX570

    Just finished installing a pair of OEM Toyota LED fogs into my 2008 LX570. I had this same set on 4Runner I used to own and switched them over to the LX. Perfect fit as they are the exact same size but for whatever reason the wire polarity was reversed on my connector so I did have to remove...
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    PSA: LX570 vibration fixed with new transfer case oil

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on here for years with my 100-series and recently have picked up a LX570 in amazing shape locally. The only issues I've been experiencing is a slight vibration when turning the wheel full lock at low speed. I was initially concerned this could be an issue with...
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