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  1. bsmart82

    For Sale  TX: 1993 FZJ80, mild build, no lockers

    Please see my build thread for pics and descriptions of most of the modifications and maintenance/repairs that have been done over the last 4 years. Lots of parts replaced and/or rebuilt all with oem parts. I am a Toyota master tech and get parts at a discount and still have receipts for most...
  2. bsmart82

    Sun roof shim part number

    Does any one have the part number for the sun roof shims? Or is there another method of adjustment like regular washers?
  3. bsmart82

    Weathertech digifit front liners for 80 series are here

    My parts guy at the dealership I work at just informed me they just released them. 445331 available in black, grey, and tan.
  4. bsmart82

    For Sale  80 series York 210 OBA setup

    Up for sale is my York 210 oba setup. I am including a rebuilt York 210, mounting bracket that was bought off a member here, mounting bolts for York and bracket, Viair manifold with gauge, 120-145psi pressure switch, air hose coupler, Viair 2.5 gal tank with mounting bracket for behind front...
  5. bsmart82

    No more Ironman, what now?

    I had decided on the Ironman 2" constant load lift after lots of research, but now that they are no longer selling in NA, what's my next best option? OME? I only want 2-3" of lift, and will be fabbing my own front/rear bumpers, sliders, rear drawers, and maybe a fridge in the future. I...
  6. bsmart82

    15600-25010 Oil filter on a 1fz

    I scored some old oil filters my dealership had on display that they were gonna toss since it's inventory time. I got 3 of the 15600-25010, and 5 15601-13011. The 15600-25010 shows to supersede to a D1, so it should screw on. It's the same diameter as the old big filter just a little shorter...
  7. bsmart82

    Wanted  95-97 Exhaust down pipe

    Looking for the front cat down y pipe. I don't need the cat, so it can be cut off and sold to a recycler so I can get the pipe cheaper, lol. Need a solid pipe with no rust.
  8. bsmart82

    Water leak at left side of windshield

    I have water leaking somewhere near or at the windshield and it collects between the glass and gasket in the left lower corner. I had a leak on the other side about a year ago after I bought the truck. I had a local glass shop replace the gasket with oem and reseal it. All was good until I...
  9. bsmart82

    Wanted  1FZ distributor

    Looking for a distributor in working or non-working condition and can be leaking oil. Looking for cheap since I'm just going to take it apart to source seals to rebuild it.
  10. bsmart82

    Adjusting the VAF for more power and better mpg

    Has anyone considered or attempted to adjust the vaf spring tension to lean out the mixture? This seems to be common on modded 22re trucks and with the mixture being pretty rich seems it would help.
  11. bsmart82

    4runner washer reservoir for dual battery

    I was working on one of these older 4runners a few days ago and started to think about running this washer reservoir in front of the 2nd battery and moving the coolant to the other side in front of the 1st battery. Mounting would be fabbing a simple bracket or possibly using the oem 4runner...
  12. bsmart82

    For Sale  80 series spare tire lift

    I recently installed larger tires and do not need this anymore since the spare is now in the truck. This is a kit I put together myself, the spacers are 1/2 steel tube painted black and 3.25 inches long, with bolts, and washers. There are 10 spacers and bolts, enough to raise the spare cross...
  13. bsmart82

    Wanted  1FZ water pump/fan pulley

    Read the title. Shipped to 77808, thanks.
  14. bsmart82

    Wanted  Fzj80 LH headlamp and lift support brackets/bolts

    I need a clean lh headlamp assembly to fit a 93 FZJ80. The chrome reflective material on mine is bad and light output is low. I need one that has a clean lens, good chrome, and no leaks. I also need the 4 brackets for the rear hatch lift supports and the 8 bolts. Shipped to 77808, thanks.
  15. bsmart82

    For Sale  80 series front seat leather TX

    I bought this leather from a local company and decided to use Shane's leather instead. This leather covers the seat backs and eliminates the hard backs. Door panel leather and arm rest leather is included for front doors. This set covers front seats only. I trimmed the lower seat bottom...
  16. bsmart82

    For Sale  ARB rear locker 80 series LC

    BNIB ARB rear air locker for 80 series Land Cruiser. I will get some pics and the exact part number in the morning when I go back to work. Asking $875 shipped obo., possible local trade(Bryan, Texas) for front or rear bumper, sliders, or 315/75/16 a/t tires. Paypal, or cash in person, thanks.
  17. bsmart82

    Pic request: 315/75R16 Bfg a/tt ko and 2-3" lift

    I'm planning my lift and tires and thinking about 315's and a 2" Ironman lift possibly with 20mm spacers. Also any rubbing or issues offroad? Thanks.
  18. bsmart82

    95-97 heater pipe question

    I ordered pn 87208-60161(the long heater pipe rh of head) thinking it would be stainless like the short pipes on my 93, but its powder coated steel. Was this pipe ever stainless? I have looked at a few pics and they also are black pc steel.
  19. bsmart82

    Code 83, 84, 85

    I got an cel on for a few minutes the other day and it went off. I pull codes and had 83, 84, 85. After searching every thread points to ecu. I picked up a used one and went to replace it to find the new pn alreaqdy there. I swapped it anyway today. I have not had a cel since it originally...
  20. bsmart82

    Wanted  WTB: 93/94 80 series ecu pn 89661-60221

    I need a working ecu pn 89661-60221, thanks.
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