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  1. ryanwk628

    FJ40 Venezuelan Dana 60 rear axle

    For those interested: Was able to connect with @cruisermatt over the weekend to pick up this interesting piece and check out the awesome projects he has going on at his shop. Great guy. Thanks again Matt! My plan is to put a truetrac in it. I’ll be saving that bearing info for when I dig into...
  2. ryanwk628

    Quick Draw H55F Top Plate Adapters

    Just saw this on Facebook, came here to see if anyone had shared. Awesome!
  3. ryanwk628

    FJ40 Venezuelan Dana 60 rear axle

    Nope, but they both have garages I could stash it in until I can get it ;)
  4. ryanwk628

    FJ40 Venezuelan Dana 60 rear axle

    Awesome thanks, yea Id be interested depending what you find out. Im not near you, but my sisters both live down the road in Port St Lucie.
  5. ryanwk628

    FJ40 Venezuelan Dana 60 rear axle

    Interested. Do these fit Toyota 6 lug wheels? What do they sell for?
  6. ryanwk628

    City Racer Lights

    What headlight buckets are those? I need to retrofit something like that into my 11/69
  7. ryanwk628

    Builds The Architect's '77 FJ40

    Maybe a silly question but is the support true? If it is warped or twisted out of plane that would put a stress into the unit when you tighten it down and all the isolating in the world wouldnt solve the issue. Given you have isolated it and this has happened twice I would check the U.
  8. ryanwk628

    Initial fitting of a Sniper 2GC Large Bore *Updated with new adapter info*

    Awesome! This is what Im going to eventually do on my F engine. Keeping everything concentric will make it easier to retain my stock air cleaner with an adapter I can make myself
  9. ryanwk628

    Auburn Limited Slip Center Spacers- - -FREE

    Are these all spoken for? I’ll need one when I do this upgrade
  10. ryanwk628

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    That looks great! Much better IMO.
  11. ryanwk628

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Awesome, thank you! I am thinking this adapter I picked up was intended to do just that with the carb version. Looking forward to your updates
  12. ryanwk628

    Best suspension on FJ40. Need advice.

    I purchased the shocks but sadly my 40 has sat idle for two years. Getting married, changing jobs and house projects has put it on the back burner. :(
  13. ryanwk628

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Awesome! What is the overall height? Diameter of the turned surface for the air cleaner bore? Im looking at this for my 70F engine to keep my stock air cleaner over the 2300 style which would require an offset adapter. If the stackup height works out I can use the old school Man-A-Fre adapter...
  14. ryanwk628

    Repro Jump Seats

    Nothing against Cruiser Corps, I have purchased things from them and had good experiences, but Icon sells raw jump seat frames for $450.
  15. ryanwk628

    Conversation from 3speed to 4 or 5 speed.

    Here is a post I bookmarked fantasizing about a 5 speed in my 40 Nothing interesting here, just another H55/splitcase into a 74 FJ40
  16. ryanwk628

    For Sale PA 2F engine SOLD

    Interested. Sending PM Emailed you
  17. ryanwk628

    Holley Sniper 2GC Small Bore Fuel Injection installed on my 1964 1F Single Barrel Manifold

    Looks great! Did you end up doing the large bore? What are the dimensions of the intake throats of the respective 2GCs? Im looking at one for my 2bbl 1F and want to maintain the air cleaner. I like that it is more or less concentric, whereas the 2300s are offset. That will make keeping the...
  18. ryanwk628

    Battery tray on the firewall

    Looks great! Vintage Air makes a small heater that heats the air in the cab I have seen a few other people use in their builds.
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