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  1. ampline

    Wanted  91-92 fj80 battery tray /hold down

    looking for a 91/92 fj80 battery tray. Thanks
  2. ampline

    FJ40, anyone running Metal Tech sliders?

    I ended up with a set of Metal-Tech Sliders for my 40. Looking for some pics to figure out placement. Does anyone run them? Any pics? I google image searched it and only saw 2 and just wanted to compare some different set ups before I burn in some welds... Thanks in advance.
  3. ampline

    Wanted  Center Diff Actuator 1994 fzj80

    looking for an Center diff actuator for a 1994 fzj80. Thanks
  4. ampline

    94 manual seat swap to 94 power seats, wiring?

    Planning on swapping my clean power seats (from my rusty 94) into my clean 94 that has beat manual seats. I removed the seats today to see if harness were the same. I thought I had read that the they were plug and play.. They are not. The plug was not present in the manual seat 80. Am I...
  5. ampline

    A little advice. Low idle. Code 21 code 28 And ECU won't clear

    1994 FZJ80, 215k. I am experiencing a low idle (400rpms in D with my foot on brake at stop light and engine vibration). If I put in N, it bumps up to 550rpm and it immediately smooths out. Otherwise it runs great and I don't notice any lack of power. And have a code 21 and code 28. So. I...
  6. ampline

    For Sale  1995-97 80 series grill

    95-97 fzj80 grill for sale. Good shape. $100+shipping. Pm me or text me for pics Text 8598021984 Thanks.
  7. ampline

    Advice??? 94 fzj80 intermittent speedo, Code 42

    Hello, Im trying to figure out the next step in fixing my speedo and flashing "OD OFF" light. The speedo doesn't work for the first 5-10 minutes of driving and throws the code 42. If I clear codes while 80 is warm (while speedo IS working) and immediately drive it, the speedo works and no OD off...
  8. ampline

    Wanted  Bestop fj40 soft door strikers

    Hello, Looking for some Bestop soft door strikers. If you have some to sell, send me a PM. Thanks.
  9. ampline

    Quick ?? Will 95-97 intake tube fit 94 fzj80

    I need to replace my split intake tube. Will the 95-97 intake tube fit a 1994 fzj80? Thanks
  10. ampline

    For Sale  80 series brush guard WAAG

    WAAG brush guard. Removed from a California 80, zero rust. A little faded. Located in northern Kentucky. $200 obo
  11. ampline

    For Sale  1995-97 fzj80 grill

    for sale. 1995-1997 fzj80 grill. $125 plus shipping. Thanks.
  12. ampline

    A little help! 94 fzj80 randomly dies and won't restart for 10 minutes

    Hello, I bought another 1994 80 this week. I was lucky by finding a California 80 in Kentucky (doesn't appear that it has ever seen road salt). I bought it to replace my current rusting 80 as a DD. The 80 has been sitting since November. The seller moved to Texas and didn't take it with him...
  13. ampline

    Wanted  91-94 80 grill

    hello, looking for a grill for a 91-94 80 series grill.. I have a 95-97 grill I'd be willing to trade or sell if someone has one or needs one. Thank you
  14. ampline

    Wanted  91-94 80 series dash pad grey

    looking for a grey dash pad for my 94 fzj80. I believe 91-94 will fit. Pm me if you have one to sell and willing to ship to 41017 Ky. Thanks
  15. ampline

    Fj40 Clunk when release clutch..

    Hello,, quick back story, 1978 Fj40 JimC 2f, 4 speed, stock t case, 4 inch springs, super skinny swampers and lock-rite in the rear.. It's torque-y, twitchy, and sticky. 2f was rebuilt with a new clutch and the T case was rebuilt.. These only have a thousand miles on them.. Then I tore it down...
  16. ampline

    Wanted  Looking for some fj40 lift springs

    Hello,, is anyone going SOA or parting out a lifted 40? I am looking for some 2.5 or 4 inch springs (or all your take offs) for one of my saggy 40s.. Thanks guys.. Email me Thanks
  17. ampline

    Wanted  looking for 4 oem disc steel rims (and 33 10.50 if anyone is upgrading?)

    Hello,, i am looking for a set of 4 oem steel rims (disc brake),, with hub cap clips. I just got another 1978 40, but it needs rims and tires... Before i buy tires, i need some steelies.. I think that we can still buy new steelies from toyota,, but i figured i would check to see if anyone...
  18. ampline

    Help... 2f upper radiator hose swelling and hot,,, lower hose cool

    I just did a frame swap on a 78 fj40 with a Jim C built 2f... I recently got it running again, and i am having a problem with my top hose swelling and getting hot... while the lower hose remains cool.. I haven't really been driving it,, other than up the street to work out the bugs.. but each...
  19. ampline

    leaky header at collector gasket

    I am finishing up a frame swap and was wondering if anyone had any tips on sealing up a leaky collector gasket (where the header meets the exhaust pipe). I had to separate the exhaust to pull motor. I fired up the engine for the first time since i did the frame swap... I bought an aluminum...
  20. ampline

    Wanted  fzj80 2 - 3 inch lift

    looking for a complete set of springs and all other parts needed to lift my 94 fzj80 2 - 3 inches... let me know what you have and price.. email me.. thanks
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