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  1. mmml4

    I'm guessing this can't be important?

    My guess, "barometric pressure sensor" with something missing.
  2. mmml4

    Calipers question with pics

    If your calipers are OEM I would not let them go, I would by seal kits from the dealer and rebuild. Some of the rebuilt calipers I have seen in recent years are crap.
  3. mmml4

    Brake caliper bolt torque

    Thanks for the reply but I think that is the same as my FSM.
  4. mmml4

    Brake caliper bolt torque

    I disassembled my front calipers because I couldn't get the pistons out and now I can't find the torque value for the four bolts that hold the caliper together. Does anyone know the torque value for those bolts? Thanks
  5. mmml4

    Converting HF2AV Transfer Case into Part Time Transfer Case

    Subscribed for future reference.
  6. mmml4

    HF2AV Temperature Gauge

    I want to add a temperature gauge to my transfer case but I don't know the best way to get the sender in the oil. What says the mud community.
  7. mmml4

    Toyota coolant source cheap price

    $9.00 gallon for imported water, ouch.
  8. mmml4

    Aux cooling fan - another take

    I saw that but thought it might be a typo, it's hard to imagine a fan that is less than 1 inch thick. Is it really that thin?
  9. mmml4

    Aux cooling fan - another take

    Nice install. I did some searching but could not find a dimension showing how thick the fan is, would you measure and post up the overall thickness.
  10. mmml4

    Overfilled rear driveshaft with grease: now what?

    I'm no expert but it seems to me that if if the grease pushed the plug out then either the plug is suspect or the grease could not get past the splines and the seal/wiper. The seal /wiper has to let the old grease out so the new can get in if not it will be rigid as has been suggested.
  11. mmml4

    A/T Oil Temp Light - suggestions welcome

    IIRC the temp sensor in the tube fitting coming out of the passenger side of the tranny going to the radiator. On a side note my wife and my doctor tell me I'm getting old so I may be remembering something else all together.
  12. mmml4

    oil weight and oil pumps

    Oil pressure has little to do with your main seals, they are not there to hold oil pressure. I would run the 20w50 with no worries.
  13. mmml4

    Wanted WTB 1997 LC front bump stop

  14. mmml4

    Wanted  WTB 1997 LC front bump stop

    I need both bump stop/cone things, complete assemblies for a 1997 Land Cruiser front axle shipped to 35601. Thanks John
  15. mmml4

    Wierd PCV catch can findings

    Do you have a part number for that catch can, I like the design..
  16. mmml4

    part time conversion w pics.

    I have the free wheeling hubs but I need the spool to finish my part time on my 4runner, can you post a link to the spool?
  17. mmml4

    96 Land Cruiser or 99 4Runner??

    Is there a build thread for the 4runner, I would like to see it.
  18. mmml4

    Correct Manual Hubs for Part-Time Conversion

    I am sorry to here that, hope you have a quick and full recovery.
  19. mmml4

    Correct Manual Hubs for Part-Time Conversion

    Any updates?
  20. mmml4

    Vendor Parting out Rust Free 1997 Lexus LX450

    How much shipped to 35601, The frame side steering damper mounting bracket.
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