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    Need a little wiring help

    Hi all, I'm almost done with the wiring for my 1kz-te swap (into a 01 Tacoma) and something is funky with the ECT speed sensor wire. The diagram says that the two wires from the ECT speed sensor should just go right to the ECU, but one of mine stops at a connector and I don't know where it...
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    1kz-te starter wiring question

    Hey All, I'm swapping a 1kz-te into my Tacoma and I'm almost done with the wiring but I noticed the the starter relay wiring is a little different between the two. The diesel starter has a large gauge wire going to the relay (10 or 12 gauge) and a 50a fuse on the relay circuit while the gasser...
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    Help Identifying my transfer case please!!

    Hello, I know a lot has been written on here about different T-cases but I cannot figure this out and I can't find anything about it anywhere. I bought a JDM 1kz-te with a 4x4 transmission but I'm afraid it is actually a permanent AWD. Does anybody know how this shifts from 2WD to 4WD? There is...
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    Ok to rotate oil pan 180 degrees?

    I'm trying to copy anothernord and swap a 1kz-te into my 2001 Tacoma and I foolishly got a motor from a Hiace Regius instead of a Hilux so the oil pan hits the front differential. I know I should order the correct pan but it is going to be over $500 from Japan so my current idea is to flip the...
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