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  1. Teddy

    Gulches Trip

    I know a few of us have been talking about this. It’s been a while since our last Gulches trip. Who’s up for a day trip down, or possible over night? Date suggestions? Chime in!
  2. Teddy

    Eric Hagan Needs Help

    Eric just found out he has throat cancer. I don’t know how to set up a go fund me, but I want to help him with some of his expenses. Does anyone know how to go about this?
  3. Teddy

    Hiace Questions

    Thinking out loud here I guess. I'm tossing around the idea of selling/trading my built 80 (it's pretty beat on) along with my m101a2 trailer and going a different direction. Been interested in these Hiace trucks for a few years, but haven't ever had the chance to see one in person and they...
  4. Teddy

    GSMTR Cabins 2017

    Alright folks, so we have the same duplex cabin that we had last year. Cabins 12&13, if you haven't been and want to look at their website. Between the two, we can sleep 10 people. This will mean 2 people will sleep on two separate pullout couches. We have them reserved for an extra night this...
  5. Teddy

    October Monthly Meeting 10/20

  6. Teddy

    Annual/Elections Oct 29

    Alright guys, we are tentatively planning the annual for October 29th at Paris Mountain State Park as usual. We will plan to cook lunch and hang out for the day. Camping will be up to the individual for the weekend as I'm assuming that will be a trick or treating weekend for those with kids...
  7. Teddy

    ******HAMOM at my house...*******

    I sent my power steering box off today to get rebuilt with a 105 shaft after twisting my sector shaft at Windrock. It should be back the week of August 22nd. I dont think I'll have it back together before OTMT. I could use an extra set of hands from anyone that has replaced one before and...
  8. Teddy

    ******August Monthly Meeting******

  9. Teddy

    June Monthly Meeting (June 16)

    Hope to see you all there! We had a great turnout for May! Let's keep it going! There are still a few tshirts left until we place our new order. We also have koozies available. Stay tuned for hat availability.
  10. Teddy

    HBD Marshall!

    Happy 62nd!
  11. Teddy

    Tire Dilemma

    Yes, I searched:flipoff2::flipoff2:. So, the trusty old 80 is no longer going to be my DD. That being said, I plan to move on to the next phase of my "build". This worked out at a great time because I need new tires this year. I've been running 315/75r16 tires for several years now and I plan...
  12. Teddy

    Mark's Turning 40, June 3rd Party!

    Many of you know Mark Vejnar. Well...he's turning 40 and has extended an invitation to all club members to attend his birth party on Friday June 3rd at 7PM. It will be BYOB and there may be a nacho bar on premises. Please post up in this thread or respond to the Facebook event, so he can have an...
  13. Teddy

    May Monthly Meeting-May 26th

    We have good news about our monthly meetings. Jeff has been working with Quaker Steak and Lube on Woodruff and they have agreed to let us host our monthly meetings there the third Thursday of every month. They are going to block off 24 parking spaces for us and give us our own room to meet in...
  14. Teddy

    ******OTMT August 25-28 2016******

    Thursday we will meet at 4PM at the SC parking lot where Hwy 76 hits the GA state line. It's about 30-45 min to the camping site. If it's occupied then we will head to the stream crossing up north and another 45 min drive to there. Assuming the first campsite is good we will do the stream...
  15. Teddy

    February 6th MM @ AMF Bowling--POSTPONED

    Our February monthly meeting will be on the 6th at AMF on Wade Hampton BLVD. We have not set a time yet, but it will be convenient for families and children to attend. I think it will be a blast. We will use this thread to update. Please post up if you plan to attend. Hope to see you all!
  16. Teddy

    January 9th HAMOM

    I won't be able to make it this Saturday, but wanted to throw a thread up. So far it looks like @ff347 is the only person who has shown any interest. Anyone still wanting to get together this Saturday, please post up here.
  17. Teddy

    For Sale FZJ80 Parts + Some Randoms...

    All located in Upstate, SC. Will ship on your dime, but probably not worth it for anything, trying to clean out the shop. PM me for pics of anything you're interested in. Thanks! OEM stuff: Running boards, missing some mounting bolts-$50 Front Bumper with hardware-$50 Rear Spoiler-$25 Toyota...
  18. Teddy

    MLK Weekend 2016

    Alright folks, I hope everyone has been well. Just wanted to send an update about MLK weekend 2016. We have decided to have this event at Country Fried Weekend, rather than Gulches. I have never been to this event, but everyone says it’s a blast. They are hosting it on private property this year...
  19. Teddy

    Adopt a Highway, November 21st

    Plan to meet at the F-Mart at 1000. We will have everything you need!
  20. Teddy

    HAMOM Request Thread

    The 2016 dates for HAMOMs are listed below: Jan 9, March 5, May 7th (already determined this will be at Trolhole's), November 5th. Please use this thread to make any requests for help on these dates/offers to host.
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