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    LX450 Fender Flare Gasket

    What year sequoia? How did they fit?
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    LX450 Fender Flare Gasket

    Black ones at the Lexus dealership
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    LX450 Fender Flare Gasket

    Has anyone in the recent year replaced these? I been looking to get the beige color but seems like its impossible to find (other than in black). Anyone have any luck with any other color than black? If anyone replaced their with black ones, can you share pictures to see how it looks? My LX is...
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    Maintenance on LX450 sitting for many years

    I brought a LX450 a couple of months ago that had been sitting for many years. I am wondering what are things I should be looking for to replace under the hood. Any preventive maintenance? I have already replaced all of the belts and the oil pump. Done oil change as well as the transmission...
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    SOLD Steering wheel

    Interested, local in San Jose. Sent you an PM.
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    Upholstery shop in Bay Area or Sacramento, CA

    Looking to get the front seats reupholstered on 97 LX 470. Recommendations for shop or a person in the Bay area or Sacramento Area. Thanks in advance.
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    Buying a LX 470 - Advice

    First time poster but I have been following the form for a while now. I'm looking to buy 2001 LX 470. This is my first LC/LX which I have been dreaming of buying for last 6/7 years. I have a few questions related to what a fair price would be and the mileage. Question 1: I have narrowed in...
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