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  1. gil12

    Suggestions on getting my 99 LC ready to rent some travel trailers

    I have never been good about taking my own advice, but for years I have suggested to others that they should rent rvs, boats, trailers, etc. before they buy. So I find myself increasingly interested in travel trailers but I have never towed one / slept in one. So I want to get my 1999 stock...
  2. gil12

    Front upper arm dust cover split - difficult / easy?

    I was replacing the little stabilizer bar link , when I saw that this rubber cover was split. The front end seems solid and steering is good. My 1999 LC has 165,000 - all standard except for sliders (nothing like a big rock almost smashing your door panel to get you modifying a bit.) I'm...
  3. gil12

    Outside mag article on 100 lc

    This showed up and on my news feed (damn internet AI knows too much!) Interesting suggestions, any thoughts? (I would have at least added some sliders). Gil
  4. gil12

    I'm confused - what light in the headlight cluster is this?

    I just finished adjusting my headlights - but never saw this light turn on - and can not find it mentioned in my factory manual or owner's manual. What is it? When does it turn on? And how do you remove it to replace the bulb - it does not seem to twist out - does it pull out? Thanks...
  5. gil12

    DIY fix for non-working AC button

    My AC button has been unreliable for the last 5 years - and this week - stopped working all together with the AC turned off. This renders it kind of useless for going to the desert, so I had to find a fix. Some of the other buttons were also getting iffy. I saw a thread How to remove...
  6. gil12

    anyone ever make a slide out from tailgate bed/tent?

    I'm thinking it would be possible "the technology exists" to have a slide out bed platform - that would come out of the back tailgate - be supported by the tailgate/rear floor on one end - and by some legs (approximately 2' long) on the other end. Then have a tent that would enclose it with an...
  7. gil12

    so I'm at the parts counter at local Toyota dealership....

    I thought I'd stop by to just get a few nuts and a couple of bolts rather than order online/call one of our favorite dealers. "the nuts are listed at $4, but I'll sell them to you for $2.60. The bolts list for $8 each, I'll sell to you for $4." At home and looking them up, the nuts actually...
  8. gil12

    Fan bracket / clutch replacement - worth doing while radiator is out?

    I have my radiator out, and was wondering if it is much of a hassle to replace the fan bracket and fan clutch. Another option is let a mechanic do it when I have the timing belt serviced in a few months. But if it isn't too much trouble, I might do it myself and learn something and save a...
  9. gil12

    How difficult is it to remove front differential?

    I'm interested in removing the front differential myself so I can have a shop put a locker in it, save some $ by bringing it in. How difficult a job is it? (I can't find a diy thread - do you know of one?) Also, any suggestions on a shop for the bench work? Thanks, Gil Ventura, CA
  10. gil12

    Time to replace timing belt idler pulleys, tensioner?

    I replaced the timing belt, water pump, pulleys and tensioner 9 years and 65,000 miles ago. I figure because of the time past, it is probably time to replace the timing belt and water pump. I'm inclined to leave the pulleys and tensioner alone - any advice? Gil Ventura, CA
  11. gil12

    Is it much trouble to remove and reatatch hood?

    I'm thinking of removing my hood to paint it rather than tape it off, but was wondering if anyone had done so and had any advice. (If it is a big hassle I'll just tape it off to paint.) It looks simple - but sometimes things are more difficult than they appear! (Make that...
  12. gil12

    Blind spot detector - after market, anyone try one?

    My wife's newish Mazda has a great blind spot detector which makes it much more pleasant to drive long distance. I'd like something approaching it for my '99 LC. I saw this on Amazon...
  13. gil12

    Yada wireless backup camera, costco version - works ok

    I bought this at Costco, around a hundred bucks. I was thinking of more sophisticated installations, but have found that this is working for me, so I'm just living with it as is, and thought I'd share. I installed the camera in the standard way, bringing the wire to the Driver's side...
  14. gil12

    Wanted Steering Wheel for 1999 LC

    Wanted! I just need one to keep my truck going while I send mine out to get new leather. So functionality is important, not beauty! Thanks, Gil Ventura, CA
  15. gil12

    We tried this seating for road trip in a 100 w five adults

    Removed passenger side seat of second row. (Had to cut carpet a bit to remove forward bolt of the seat bracket.) Installed the passenger side seat of the third row. This created a "limo" seat - the most popular seat in the truck. The "middle" seat of the second row was the least...
  16. gil12

    Colorado camping - at 7000 ft or less???

    Bringing the family for a Colorado road trip end of July - will tent camp for most of a week. A couple of folks in our group don't sleep well much above 6,000 ft - I know everything in Colorado is pretty high - any camping suggestions??? Thanks, Gil Ventura
  17. gil12

    How do you remove cargo speaker grill???

    I am just this side of breaking something - I've poked, twisted, prodded, pulled on these black nubs that hold the speaker grill in place (I want to replace the speaker cloth), but can't figure out how to get them out! Help! Gil Ventura
  18. gil12

    Power connectors other than cigarette ligher?

    Once i get my second battery in - i'll be wiring up some extra power connectors to run things from. I hate the old cigarette lighter plugs - anyone suggest any other replacements? i recall something called a BMW plug sometime in the past which is similar. Gil
  19. gil12

    Sleeping platform for 100

    I've used this a half dozen nights by now, and have found it perfectly usable, despite of its very simple construction. It uses a single 4x8 sheet of plywood - cut to: 48" x 76". The edges are taped with duct tape, and the end that goes against the seat have a strip of camping foam hot glued...
  20. gil12

    do you just paint the door bumper strip?

    I worry that it would start to peel after a while - are there any other solutions? It looks bad - white and flacky. Gil Ventura
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