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  1. Marn0

    Guess where this goes?

    Maybe the cover over the fuel filler pipes?
  2. Marn0

    Need help with some issues.

    If its idling low, do this
  3. Marn0

    Need help with some issues.

    Also if its getting hot at idle try increasing the revs a little. More air flow and coolant flow
  4. Marn0

    odometer take apart?

    Be careful with the numbers they can fall off!!!
  5. Marn0

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    With summer not too far around the corner, I thought I better make a start on cleaning up the AC I had purchased. It was in surprisingly good nic and came up quite nicely. Now I should be able to get the mrs in it on those 45 degree days!
  6. Marn0

    No Timing Marks on Harmonic Balancer - Help

    Valve timing isnt 180 deg out by any chance?
  7. Marn0

    3b compressor

  8. Marn0

    3b compressor

    Hi all quick question- Will an airconditioner compressor bracket from a 3b fit a b? Thanks!
  9. Marn0

    Removable top 45

    Yep well that certainly rules mine out as a SWB. Thanks!
  10. Marn0

    Removable top 45

    Thats fine. Thankyou!
  11. Marn0

    Removable top 45

    Hi all, I have a 1970 fj45 that you can remove the steel roof by clips i think separately from the top section of the cab which can also be removed by clips. My question is how can i tell if its a swb or lwb? Does anyone have a measurement from the back of the cab to the end of the chassis for...
  12. Marn0

    Cummins or 14b

    14b. Maybe a turbo if its not really doing it for you. Bigger cc engine will have more low down torque and be more driveable
  13. Marn0

    Rust consult - Is this BJ42 too far gone?

    $500 parts rig here in oz
  14. Marn0

    Need creative ideas (capture nut lost)

    nutserts or rivnuts are a couple of the brand names of the thing i would use
  15. Marn0

    Fuel return flow ? 1979 2f

    just joking with you mate, but i guess it would slow a little, unless the increased rpm made it pump more. I have never checked one but if its running fine i would not be too concerned.
  16. Marn0

    Fuel return flow ? 1979 2f

    Under full throttle there will be no return, all used:oops:
  17. Marn0

    Speed calculation

    yes the height of the tyre changes, but the rolling circumference does not. the same amount of tread still has to pass the contact patch on the ground unless it slips
  18. Marn0

    Speed calculation

    The height of the Tyre may change with pressure, BUT the rolling circumference stays the same so therefore the Tyre only looks smaller but will still spin at the same speed.
  19. Marn0

    Do my leaf springs look shot and what’s this oil leak?

    Before you sell try one of the oil stop leak additives and maybe some thicker oil. Worth a shot
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