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    Power steering hose, fitting and cooler upgrades

    On my turbo test mule#3 I went ahead and stripped out all of the power steering hoses (along with everything else 🙄) and am doing the typical Derale cooler upgrade some have already done to replace the paperclip. This is going to be the “instructions” to do that with the kit I just put together...

    Useless Ashtray SwitchPros edition

    Had a request to make a SwitchPros switch panel mounting plate. He was so keen on the idea he sent me a complete SwitchPros unit to play with. Basically redesigning an existing product I have. Since I was already making another batch of the Toyota and Carling switch panels, this would be an...

    LANDTANK GEN-IV MAF is finally ready

    Its been a really long time since the last update but there have been a flood of folks with cracked MAF housings lately so I'm happy to report that these are done and ready to go. This CNC aluminum MAF assembly physically replaces the stock plastic MAF sensor in your 1995-1997 Toyota Land...

    Wits' End Turbo Test Mule #3- no cartwheeling allowed

    Ok folks, its story time... I just put down a deposit on a super clean 97 LX450 located in South Carolina. Originally I wasn't going to go this direction but after considering everything I need the truck to accomplish for me, I just found the cleanest specimen I could find without going...

    Wits’ End DRIVER’s side quarter panel mount

    Because I am a freaking glutton for punishment... I had the sheet metal shop make me a mirror of the QPM so that I could start experimenting with the driver’s side. Now, I’m still putting together the last of the current model of QPMs so I need to finish those first. Plus I have the turbo about...

    I'm about go turbo, is my junk gonna hold up?

    Thanks @alia176 for the thread idea to prevent the “other” turbo thread from getting too long. To answer the title question: Yes, you will need either loose fitting shorts or less snug pants or else your junk won’t hold up.

    Wits' End- If turbo isn't for you, what about going diesel?

    I'm sure by now everyone has been beaten over the head with the "soon to be released" turbo kit that you can read about here: But what if going turbo isn't for you? What if you LOVE the stink of diesel? What if you LOVE having hardware...

    ABS sensor delete at the knuckle

    I honestly have zero clue if this is useful or not but I had a customer switching to part-time and he’s deleting the ABS and asked about a block off for the ABS plug. Probably don’t need to go too nuts but figured I’d see what you folks thought before I shelve it in a box somewhere. :flipoff2:

    Wits' End- black friday, pink saturday, fuschia sunday...

    I only do sales once a year so get will it lasts. Going on now til Monday and of course its chock full of 80Series goodness. I will also be putting a bunch of individual stuff on sale as well. Stuff to get off my shelves. USE CODE: NOVEMBER-SALE Starting right now and ending Monday at...

    Control Arm Bushing Press Tools

    I've been getting more requests lately for bushing press tools for the 100 Series front upper and lower control arms and the rear upper and lower control arms plus the rear panhard. I already make the kit for the 80 Series: Bushing Press Tool- KIT but now I've committed to make the tools and kit...


    Making stupid, silly things is important to balancing the seriousness of all of the other stuff I do. I know this will end up too expensive for most people but I had to have one. So why not make more? Since I have devoted to much to OnBoardAir and I’ve covered pretty much everything A-Z, I...

    Bringing rearview mirror into 21st century

    Originally I didn’t think I was going to make a mirror arm for the 40Series but one mysteriously showed up at my door. Turns out not to be too difficult to modify the design to get it to work with a universal mirror like the Gentex. Btw, this one happens to fit 77-84 FJ-40s

    Wits’ End wasting time again but making ashtray less useless

    Ive vacillated long enough. Had this in my head for too long and figured I at least start the project. This will replaced the ashtray on the later 80s but I’ll be doing ok for the early dash as well. Likely the same time. Keep in mind the location but what would you like to see in that...

    Dash bezel machined replacement

    @Dynosoar came by last week to pick up some stuff and to drop off something he needed made. It was a throttle cable bezel for the dash. The original one is stamped steel which is then chromed. But it was in bad shape. It was thrown into an optical comparator to get the basic profile without...

    Wits' End Stud Tool Kit

    I've been debating even making this but I think there could be a need. I'm really on the fence on this thing. It all started because of this thread: RTH: stuck in Primm, wheel lugs sheered off All 6 wheel studs snapped while driving on the frwy coming home from Las Vegas at 60MPH. I was stuck...

    1FZ-FE coolant flow and planning

    I am starting this thread in order to make life easier for a few folks. I will be posting diagrams up here so that they can be used as reference but also because it helps to detail what hoses and how many clamps and what if you re-route and what if, what if. I will try and detail what I can...

    Wits' End 80 Series Clamshell Upgrade

    Blame @LS1FJ40 for one too many knees slamming into it. I'm starting with the 60s because I'm selfish and I want one for my 60 first before I adjust and make one for the 80s as well :flipoff2: This is going to be a steel replacement for the plastic steering column clamshell. I am planning on...

    Even more 60 Series love...Wits' End Clamshell Upgrade

    This project started in the 80 Series side because a buddy broke his clamshell after one too many knees slamming into it. I'm starting with the 60s because I'm selfish and I want one for my 60 first before I adjust and make one for the 80s as well :flipoff2: This is going to be a steel...

    Windshield Wiper Arm Bushing

    I can't find them anywhere so I’m just going to make them. Please someone let me know if these are being made somewhere before I really waste my time.

    SuperCharger wrench

    Ok these may not look like much but if you have a #SuperCharger on your 80Series then this #wrench is pure heaven. These are going into tumbling tomorrow then they get stamped and black oxided before they get shipped out to customers. 1FZ SuperCharger Wrench
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