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    Lighting Wiring: Multiple ON switches, Need reverse current circuit protection?

    I'm thinking of installing some small rear LED spotlights, probably under my bumper. And.. maybe some on the sides or corners of my roof rack. Who knows? I already have a front LED bar on my ARB bumper. If I'd like one of the rear LED spotlights to also light up when I'm in reverse, I was...
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    OBD Code 71 EGR Failure? but passed CA SMOG?

    I have a 1990 FJ62.. Thanks for this! I'll try it.. I'm just wondering how I passed smog in CA with an active OBD Code 71.??? I'm also showing a code 42, which is some kind of speed sensor malfunction. I assume it might be due to a faulty speedometer cable, which I already know is an issue...
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    "High Mileage" Synthetic Mobil One? Is it Cr@p?

    I've read some of the pros and cons of using synthetic oil, and Mobil 1. So what makes this Mobile 1 suited especially for high mileage cars? Thicker viscosity? Any experience or advice? Is this worth getting?
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    AC Recharge Valve Loc? R12 or 134a? 1990 FJ62

    Accidentally posted this to a 2-year old thread, that wasn't really about AC!
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    Coming Soon..

    Jay here.. I'm back! Today, .. grabbed some Chinese food, and checked out a rig.. something to replace my 1971 FJ40, I sold a few years ago.
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    For Sale 1971 Smog-Exept So Cal FJ40 Truck!

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    Tail lights wacky wiring?!

    Leave it to me to screw up something simple? :bang: I'm replacing my Heep boxy tractor lights with OEM early-year round tail lights. The Jeep truck lights had 2 wires coming out, with notation on back "Green=Brake, Brown=Turn" The rig itself has some crazy wiring done by one of the POs...
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    Hardtop Cap- How many QTS primer/paint to cover both sides?

    Dumbest question ever.. :hhmm: I'm restoring the fiberglass cap on my hardtop. I want to lay down a layer of fiberglass resin on both sides to seal any hairline cracks. (it's been bare, exposed to So Cal sun for the last several years) Then, primer both sides, and paint on top. For the...
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    For Sale FJ40 Heavy-Duty Custom Bumper

    I just removed this bumper from my FJ40. I'm going to more of a stock look. The bumper is awesome, and super sturdy. Bolted in 3 areas with total of 12 bumper bolts. I had to cut off the bolt heads, so there are some grind scuffs from the cut-off wheel. I have pictures. The step is aluminum...
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    3/8 vs 5/16 Fuel Hose?

    Ok.. total 1-:banana: question here.. I have an Aux tank that has a fitting for a 5/16 hose, but I've now replaced everything with 3/8 hose. I have an inline fuel filter near the aux tank with a 3/8 fitting. I'd like to just use 3/8 hose, but I'm worried it might be too loose over the 5/16...
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    How much do these Toyo 33" weigh?

    Any ideas or guesses? Toyo Open County MT 33x12.5x15 The 15"s are aluminum, Ultra 164 from Les Schwab.. Just wondering about how much it weighs before I start planning my rear bumper-tire carrier project. Much thanks folks... :beer:
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    Wanted 1971 FJ40 Bumperettes

    Bumperettes (Left and Right) for my '71 FJ40. Please email or PM with price and shipping to zip 90242. Much thanks! -Jay aka "PeeDoc" tri2thrive(AT)gmail(DOT)com anyone local to OC/LA would be great!!
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    FCAW vs MIG Welding for newbie Spare Tire Carrier?

    I'm going to learn to weld, so that I can build a rear bumper mounted swing-out Spare Tire Carrier very similar to this: My plan is to use 2"x2" 1/4-inch like in the pics. This needs to be sturdy, as it will be supported entirely by the bumper-mounted heavy duty hinge on the passenger...
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    Wanted Early FJ40 Spare Tire Carrier, Passenger/Rt Side

    Looking for the swinging gate style spare tire carrier for a 1971 FJ40 that mounts on the passenger side. Preferably complete set. I am in Orange County, CA, zip 90740 Please message me if you have one. Thanks! -Jay
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    Fuel Filler Neck Rust Treatment?

    Just removed the fuel filler neck from my aux tank. It has some rust patches, nothing deep or serious. I think it might be the source of rust particles in my aluminum fuel tank. If I can remove the rust with wire brush or sanding, is there a safe treatment for the metal to prevent the rust...
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    Electrical Gremlins! Wiper switch causes engine knock, backfire!

    1971 FJ40, with recent SBC350, running great and smooth idle. I was cruising along the highway at around 60mph, and flipped the wiper switch. The engine faltered, knocked, and 1 loud backfire, before I could switch the wipers off. The driver side motor on the wiper has been bad, and never...
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    Fuel Selector Valve Kill Switch?

    Hello, I'm about to redo my aluminum aux tank, install a sender, and replace all the fuel lines. I have this extra Fuel Selector Valve. I am thinking of wiring it into my ignition kill switch, so that it will switch to the AUX port when the ignition kill switch is activated. But, then leave...
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    Stainless vs Galvanized Fuel Line?

    Is galvanized zinc brake line safe to use with gas? I think so, but just checking. I was going to order 3/8 stainless steel, but apparently I can not double-flare or bubble flare the ends. Also, the galvanized zinc is cheaper :clap: There's this stuff too.. which is even a little less. But...
  19. ARC1

    OC Easy Off-Roading?

    Hey, So, I'm in North OC. Have had my 1971 FJ40 rig for about a year. Mainly just street and daily driver use, but now I'm about to get it back from some engine/trans work, and would like to do some mild off-road. Easy stuff to start, because I'm a newb to off-raoding. Any good easy trails for...
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    Gas Fuel Tanks, How to check inside?

    I have 2.. the MAIN is under the passenger seat. I have a big aluminum looking AUX tank under the rear. Awhile back, I had some issues with tiny rust particles going into my whole fuel system. I think it was from my AUX tank, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm wondering what's the easiest way to...
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