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    Carpet Differences?

    Hello, I have noticed that the carpet construction on the 100 Series seems to differ a little bit. For example, I have a 2000 LX470 that has Poly backed carpet in the front, and Mass Backed carpet in the rear. I checked on a 2006 Land Cruiser, and it is the same setup. However, looking on eBay...
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    For Sale  4 OEM Toyota AHC Globes

    4 OEM Toyota AHC Globes purchased from eBay less than two weeks ago. Too many parts of my system need replacing, so I am switching to a conventional setup. Globes have less than 100 miles on them. I paid $965, asking $800.
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    For Sale  AHC Parts (Washington State)

    Hello, I have an assortment of AHC parts I will be selling from two different vehicles. **ALL PARTS SOLD AS IS** 2000 LX470 with 185k miles -All Four AHC Globes (Getting 8-9 gradations, rough ride, probably need to be recharged) $50 for all four + Shipping -All Four Accumulator’s (the part the...
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    Scammer User: vibrate80

    This dude seriously has started out this transaction with all of the signs of a scammer. I deal with Craigslist scammers all the time, and I can spot it from a mile away.
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    Wanted  LC100 stock Torsion Bars and Springs

    Looking for stock OEM Toyota LC100 Torsion Bars and Springs.
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    Wanted  LC 100 Stock Torsion Bars and Springs

    Looking for low mileage LC100 Torsion bars and Springs. I am in Washington state.
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    LX470 Suspension Opinion

    I have a 2000 LX470 with 185k miles that I inherited from my father. Ive been getting everything up to date with maintenance, and the suspension is something I just kind of forgot about until now. My mom has a 2006 LC that has an OME Medium kit on it, and I noticed that my LX was driving rougher...
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    Borla Exhaust Fitment?

    Hello, I just finished installing my two new exhaust manifolds, and boy, what a job! Not quite as bad as I thought, but definitely something I never want to do again. Anyways, because this Cruiser is sentimental and special to me (my Father owned it), I have decided to replace the entire...
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    Exhaust Manifold Questions. 2000 LX470

    Hey guys, a couple of questions regarding the exhaust manifold. I have taken them both off, and wow, what a job! This is coming from someone who has never even changed their own oil on the rig, so I was definitely intimidated. I have ordered new Toyota manifolds, gaskets, studs, and bolts, but...
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    Head Gasket Leak? 2000 LX470

    Hey guys, brand new member here. So long story short, I removed my exhaust manifolds today, and by the driver’s side manifold near the front, I found some dried coolant. I posted this picture to the 100 Series Facebook group, and several people said my head gaskets are leaking. Very frustraiting...
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