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  1. timchen

    I might need a new wiring harness, or do I?

    Okayyy, this is driving me crazy. 97 FZJ80 One peaceful afternoon I started the truck, the motor is shaking and I was like that is a misfire, so I drove it in the neighborhood until the check engine light comes up. Turns out it is p0304, number 4 cylinder misfire. The symptoms when I drive it...
  2. timchen

    injector service and "while you in there jobs"?

    Just got a P0304 this afternoon. Good wires and plugs, new cap and rotor. Pretty sure I have a injector problem on #4. I have already removed the upper intake and ill remove the rails and injectors tomorrow, pretty straight forward once having the in take removed. Now the question comes. What...
  3. timchen

    Soooo what the biggest winch you guys put on your Slee short bus bumper?

    I currently have a warn vr8000 on my slee shortbus bumper and im thinking about upgrade it to a Harbor Freight (I know........) Apex 12000lbs and move my VR8000 to the rear so I will have dual winch setup. The deal on Black Friday from Harbor Freight is just too good to not to think about it...
  4. timchen

    Another Crank-No-Start

    97 FZJ80 good battery I do have CEL when key on I can turn headlight on and radio on and dome light on, the voltage waring light above the voltage meter lights up when key on (I was trying to see if its bad fusible link.) Horn works as well. So far I don't have a new fusible link on hand but...
  5. timchen

    how much play is too much play?

    So I was going to repack the front end wheel bearings this afternoon (have done some water crossing earlier) and after I removed the hub the cv and the flange, I found that there is a tiny little play on the flange (where the flange meets the shaft) on one side, the other side feels like no play...
  6. timchen

    Transmission won’t shift on its own

    Ok so asking for a friend… 93 fj80 A442F In order to shift from 1 to 2 3 and overdrive I have to manually push the gear lever, it does throw a code but my friend haven’t got to sent it to me yet. So probably tcm related. Does anyone know what I’m running into? Or at least give a head up. Thanks
  7. timchen

    Very interesting IT STAYS ON! Help!

    Ok I’m driving normally and all of sudden the right turn signal turns it self on! And I stopped to check what is going on. The left turn signal function normally and blink normally. But when I turn the switch to the right, no click! And the right turn signal stay on! I pull the fuse and pull the...
  8. timchen

    Wanted  FZJ80 driverside fender with or without flare

    in need of a FZJ80 driver side fender
  9. timchen

    Another late thought about the Throttle coolant bypass

    So……I’m taking my 97 up to Canada this Christmas. I have bypass the throttle body coolant line (PHH’s neighbor) a year ago because the hose cracked and started leaking. There is no point for me to have that under my intake and potential left me on the side of the road at some point since I live...
  10. timchen

    Can I run dual battery with stock alternator?

    Just some late night thoughts. I’m planing to install the Slee dual battery kit with a battery isolator. But the alternator in my 97 has only the 80 amp stock alternator. If I run this set up will it damage the alternator? Or does the stock alternator has the power to charge two battery at the...
  11. timchen

    Does 35 fits under the factory tire carrier?

    Good evening everyone, I have a rear bumper that has a swing out tire carrier on it. I’m thinking about carrying dual spare tire. Does 35 tires fits under the original space tire carrier? Or it just too big.
  12. timchen

    Just wondering how many of you want this(Factory plug size Switches)

    The pigtail will be included. The switch has a white background light, once you press it the backlight will change to blue indicate that the the switch is on.
  13. timchen

    Neep help ASAP... Crank strong, no start.

    1997 FZJ80 Stalled at a stop sign... I have been searching on the forum for days now... still no solution. EFI fuse checked, good EFI relay checked, good replaced brand new fuel pump relay, no start replaced brand new fuel pump, no start fusible link checked, good however, key on, no check...
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