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    Flasher issues

    Ok I have installed LED bulbs and have changed out the flasher to an electronic one...everything works good....then all of a sudden the blinkers and hazard lights stop working. Also brake lights will not work but driving lights work. I have now put two electronic flashers in and have seemed to...
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    Positive Battery Cable Connection to Starter

    In the morning when I cold start my 78 FJ40 (original stock) it takes multiple turns of the key before the engine will start. Periodically I will see a little smoke coming from the the engine compartment so I went to investigate. I noticed that the smoke was coming from the connection of the...
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    Number stamped on engine

    I found this number stamped on my engine and are unfamiliar what this number is...I have attached photo.
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    Weber carb with cold start

    With the electronic choke should the flaps be closed on a cold start? If so my choke flaps are open. How do i fix if they are to closed on cold start.
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    Battery 101

    I have a Red Optima battery....could a fully charged battery not have enough amps to turn over cold engine?
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    LED bulb replacement causing issues

    I have 1978 fJ40 that I have replaced all my tail light (turn, brake and reverse) with LED...two bulbs on my instrument cluster and the heat / defrost indicator light and dash light with LED. I am having issue with when I press brake pedal before turning it on the instrument panel and...
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    Has anyone purchased from this website? I ordered light bulbs on 11/26 and have not received the part. I tried to contact support twice with no reply. Thank you!
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    Fj40 Cold Starts

    Curious if there is an upgrade that would eliminate multiple turns of the key to get my Fj started in the cold weather...beefier starter? I have Weber carb. Thanks
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    1978 FJ40 Fusable link between battery and amp meter on dsh

    I have no clue what the part looks like...can anyone help? thanks!
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    1978 FJ40 Wiring

    When connecting up my altimeter guage on my instrument cluster the white wire with blue stripe the positive or negative? Thanks!
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    1978 FJ40 Dash Pad Light

    I went to change the bulb and went to take it out to see the size but unfortunately there was not a bulb there. Doe any one know the bulb size/type for the Dash Pad light or heat indicator light... Thanks!
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    Flickering head lights and cluster lights

    Hi all! When I have the engine running my head lights and cluster lights seem to flicker or surge. Is this indicative of me needing a new alternator. Thank you!
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    Seat replacement 78 FJ

    I have original seats think of two things...have cushions replaced or purchase something new with recliner, sliders for both, potential lumbar. If go new route what brand do you suggest that fits well with existing set up. Putting tuffy box in as well. Thanks!
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    OEM or aftermarket seat slider addition

    Is there a way to add either a seat slider to the OEM passenger seat slider. I see there is a cut out on the gas tank filler guard that it looks like was put there for the seat to slide back. I have ac unit right in front of passenger seat...looking for more leg space.
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    1978 FJ40 back up lights not working

    I change bulbs nothing Will check fuse but they seem fine If it is the reverse switch it at an easy fix...I believe I would have to remove the transmission tunnel and it will be right there or is it accessible from the underside of the Fj...where is it located. Thanks!
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    1978 FJ40 heater and blower blower works as I can hear it running but barely an air come through heater setting...change to defrost and almost no air is coming out of wind shield vent....back heater seems to be working correctly. Should I rebuild the blower to make sure all is fine or could issue be damper doors...
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    1978 FJ40 Instrument Cluster

    Hi! I was changing the burnt out bulbs in my instrument cluster. Before I started all the Gauges worked and both turn signals. When I put it back together the fuel gauge and the amp gauge are not responding and the turn signals are not blinking on the cluster but I can hear the audible blinking...
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