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  1. wfd175

    Jackery Thread

    After using my Honda eu2000i for a Number of years while outdoors, I decided for the sake of all around, even though they are extremely quiet at the end of a 100’ 12/2 cord, to go with a Jackery 500. What has changed, for the last 3 years I’m on a cpap. Using the Jackery recently off grid, with...
  2. wfd175

    For Sale  62 Lincoln Continental , Washington Mo

    62 Lincoln Continental Turns over-haven’t started All trim present Looks sharp, needs someone to spend a little time on her. Last ran 2 years ago. 24k Located in washington mo
  3. wfd175

    For Sale  $800 2016 Tundra Pro with 305/65/18 x4

    Sold Picked up a set of 4 TRD tundra wheels off of a 2016 Tundra from a friend. They have BFG Ko2’s with less than 5k miles. He lifted the Tundra and went to 35’s with aftermarket wheels. The tires have even wear. I purchased with the intention of putting them on my lifted 200. Couldn’t find...
  4. wfd175

    Climate Control Issues Specifically A/C

    I've been searching for a 200 series AC issues thread. In troubleshooting mode right now. Front AC drivers side vents blow cool not cold. If I turn the fan to low the temp gets cooler. The passenger front is half as cold as the drivers , both sides set on low, re-circ or fresh air in makes no...
  5. wfd175

    For Sale  2000 UZJ100 Missouri, SOLD

    Sold upgraded the wife's 100, so looking to make room in the garage. 2000 164k Nice shape Upgraded to 18's Timing belt serviced at Toyota Dealer Located in Washington MO Price 12,500 I will help with shipping in that you make arrangements and I'll make sure it gets to the hauler.
  6. wfd175

    I really want that Troopy

    I'd take a 80 also.
  7. wfd175

    I really want that Troopy and I can't have both. or I'd trade for Pat's cherry 80.
  8. wfd175

    For Sale  93/08 Custom 4 seat buggy

    Had a few trade requests. Will trade for something less exotic. Built 80, Nice 100, Built 60 or 62. Built in 2008 by a master welder, 1993 Toyota Truck Platform 22re Trail Gear 4.7 Crawler Box 35" BFG's Lockrite Rear Locker Hd Drive shaft 4 seats Corbeau Seat Harneses Great family...
  9. wfd175

    Back on the road
  10. wfd175

    Back on the road
  11. wfd175

    IH  1959 B120 4x4

    Finally after a number years our original rescue truck is back on the road
  12. wfd175

    Question on trailer pricing

    In the classifieds section there's an expedition trailer for sale for 7500.00 without the tent, cooler, etc... After seeing the the simplicity, I just don't see the price. You could buy a whole pop-up camper for that price with a crapper and shower. Why are these so expensive. Granted, I've...
  13. wfd175

    Little help needed around birmingham

    My wifes friend recently moved to birmingham from estonia. She and her husband are working on a post doc at the univ. she has a toyota versa (clutchless manual diesel) back home and wants a toyota suv while they are working in the states. Her husband isnt here yet. She needs ti get this...
  14. wfd175

    craigslist  2008 Iguana Trail Buggy

    Toyota Rock Crawler Buggy or Trade for an Built 80, or 100. Possibly even a 60 or 55. Troopy Located in Washington MO
  15. wfd175

    Check out the link

    Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area - Fort Leonard Wood MWR | Facebook the large rocky area in the photo's looks like a good time
  16. wfd175

    Poor Mans Tent Trailer

    Since I already have the hauler with me I was considering setting up something like this. It's there, I thinking I might as well utlize the flat deck instead of parking it next to the campground. Has anyone on Mud done anything like this.? It seems like every time I take the family...
  17. wfd175

    Flat Nasty April 21-22

    There's a group of us heading to FN for the weekend. I plan on camping, some others are staying in the trailers down the road. I will even cook up dinner on Sat Night, I most definately owe you guys.
  18. wfd175

    Have any of you been trail riding in this area?
  19. wfd175

    Good Ole Jonny Ray {JR}

    Leap Day storm: Father and son survive horrific ride outside of Buffalo, Missouri | Lunyou's brother from another mother?
  20. wfd175

    craigslist  Locked 1996 LC St Louis Area-CL (No Affiliation)

    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Runs and Drives Perfect
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