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  1. Proyota

    [CA-ON] 80 Front window runs $120 shipped for both sides

    I'm interested in a complete set for all 4 doors if still available. PM Sent...
  2. Proyota

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    Transmission cooler hose discontinued Toyota Part No.: 32943-60120 Dang'it
  3. Proyota

    406 Cruiser Heads - Introductions

    Welcome to Montana! LOL Nice Tacoma! I have a 2012 Tacoma that is built nicely. Have you checked out the Montana Toyota Off-Road group based out of Missoula? They have a page of fb. Hope to see you out on the trails one of these days.
  4. Proyota

    CODE #83 #84 #85 93FZJ80 issue help

    I second that! Thank you Cruiser Dan! Just replaced the ECM and my LC is running great.
  5. Proyota

    406 Cruiser Heads - Introductions

    Hello, My name is Brad and my wife and I along with our two very young children recently moved to Hamilton MT from CA. I currently work at All Pro Off Road here in Victor MT. My DD is a 2012 Tacoma w/some mods and I own a 1993 FZJ80 w/Factory e-lockers, center diff lock switch added, OME stock...
  6. Proyota

    Great experience with Summit Auto Transport!

    Hello Aaron, I'm moving to Hamilton, MT from Modesto, CA. Could you provide me with a quote to get my 1993 Toyota Landcruiser transported safely?
  7. Proyota

    Bay area norcal cruisers?

    I'm in the Modesto area. Gonna try and get to Valley Hybrids on Saturday. Unfortunately I won't be able to bring my 80 as its being worked on at the shop. Working on making it trail ready.
  8. Proyota

    How to Replace Oil Pump seal w/ Pics

    See I learn something new everyday! Thank-you. I really never realized there was a difference!
  9. Proyota

    How to Replace Oil Pump seal w/ Pics

    So Happy to hear you sell the torx screws and just ordered them from your website. I called a Toyota dealer today to order new seal and screws and found out the seal is still available but the philips screws have been discontinued.
  10. Proyota

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    1. 1993 FZJ80 Factory Locked 2. Brad Christian 3. Not into Naming Vehicles 4. 280K Miles (approx.) 5. Mostly Stock for Now (in process of creating mod list). 6. Driven Occasionally
  11. Proyota

    2015 Valley Hybrids Swap Meet Stockton CA

    Here's a few more Pictures...
  12. Proyota

    2015 Valley Hybrids Swap Meet Stockton CA

    I had a good day yesterday. I was gonna bring my 1973 FJ40 and put it up for sale but instead found some new inspiration to keep it and parts needed to get it going again. Thank-you George and to all of you that helped in putting on this event.
  13. Proyota

    2015 Valley Hybrids Swap Meet Stockton CA

    Didn't see an answer on if spots have to be pre-paid for? I was thinking of bringing both my Land Cruisers over. My FJ40 is for sale. Does one spot equal 1 vehicle? If so I might need 3 spots 2 for LC's and 1 for my tow vehicle. 1973 FJ40 by Proyota posted Apr 25, 2015 at 8:48 PM1973 FJ40 by...
  14. Proyota

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser 40th Year Anniversary Edition

    It's alright... I wasn't attached to it. It's actually a great idea. If i had the time to disassemble and ship out the parts I probably would of done the same thing.
  15. Proyota

    For Sale 93 Cruiser

    I looked it over thourghly today. I didn't find anything of concern. It looks square to me. It looked like it had been repaired properly. Either way I'm turning it into a trail rig so i'm not all that concerned about it. Thanks for responding to my post. I'm sorry you experienced what you did...
  16. Proyota

    For Sale 93 Cruiser

    I ran a carfax report and see the salvage title and odometer roll back report but am unsure of how you were able to determined it was in a front and rear impact on the highway. I didn't see that information disclosed on the carfax report. Were you able to get that off another type of report?
  17. Proyota

    For Sale 93 Cruiser

    This Land Cruiser Checks out just fine. No noticeable damage observed and appears to have been repaired properly. It doesn't take much to gain a salvaged title. Basically if the damage exceeds to current value then you end up with a salvaged title. I purchased the vehicle today and had a...
  18. Proyota

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser 40th Year Anniversary Edition

    Update: Sale Pending as of Sunday (2/15/2015)
  19. Proyota

    For Sale 1973 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

    This vehicle has a Salvage Title and is currently listed as non-operational status with no know back fees due.
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