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  1. cwags12

    Wanted  NC: Rear End Cap for Running Board (80 series)

    Hey all -- looking for right rear end cap for running board for a '97 80 series. Dont need the front caps or the running boards themselves, just need the one for right rear. Prefer used so it will match the other side, but will take whatever as long as it's complete. Thx!
  2. cwags12

    Wanted  NC: Real Steel Lower Door Patches

    Anybody have a pair of lower door patches from Real Steel that they didn't end up using for a project? Need lower door patches for driver and passenger doors that are near perfect. Just checking before getting in the RSCP queue...
  3. cwags12

    FJ55 Chassis & Body Repair Manual (97216)

    Heads up for pig owners...earlier this am, I found this one from 1967 in my stash of cruiser literature. Currently half way finished with digital/OCR scan; will be finished this afternoon and will post it on Just thought I would post it here in case anyone can use this...
  4. cwags12

    SOLD  NC: Con-ferr Double Tube Front Bumper (FJ40)

    ConFerr FJ40 Double Tube Front Bumper. Pulled it off '76 40 series build. Direct mount to the front frame / gussets on 40 series. Price: $300 + the ride Location: North Carolina Shipping: Local pickup or FedEx Ground (~est $75-125 depending on distance)
  5. cwags12

    SOLD  40 series Con-Ferr T-1036 Front Storage Box

    Lockable Con-Ferr FJ40 front bumper tool box. Pulled it off '76 40 build. Mounts to the front frame rails and bumper. Price: $250 + the ride Location: North Carolina Shipping: Local pickup or FedEx Ground Will take iso pics of just the box, if needed.
  6. cwags12

    Old Bumper help

    Anyone recognize this front bumper ? It seems similar to some current ARB/Con Ferr/Manafre/other...but the stacked double tube bumpers is stumping me.
  7. cwags12

    Wanted  WTB 73-78 Seat Extension Kit

    Looking for aftermarket seat extension kit for '73-78 drivers side 40 series. Maybe someone is willing to sell an extra or one they didn't use?
  8. cwags12

    Hydraulic Hoses in CLT area

    I have some stock A/C and Power Steering hoses that need repair, rebuild, etc... Does anyone know of a reputable shop in Charlotte area that can repair/restore hydraulic hoses ?
  9. cwags12

    SOLD  FREE Instructions for Installation Kit for Cassette Tape Player Kit for Land Cruiser 08695-60010

    Found another instruction manual. This one is for the install kit for a cassette player on an FJ40/FJ55. It refers to tape players 08690-00262 or 08690-00280 for under the dash installations. FREE for whomever needs it. Can send via PDF / paper.
  10. cwags12

    SOLD  FREE Owner's Manual for Toyota Ten Cassette Car Stereo 08690-00262

    Corona cleanup time. I have a mint manual for a Toyota 'TEN' cassette radio. Toyota Part # 08690-00262 (SP-771S1). Looks like maybe replaced by 08690-00253 ? Possible that it was optional installed equipment for Corona ? If you can prove you have/own/need the manual for one of these...
  11. cwags12

    For Sale  NC: Knuckle Bearing Rebuild Kit

    New from SOR. Bought last year but never Used. 080-400C $80 shipped
  12. cwags12

    Wanted  License Plate Assembly for 60 / 62(NC)

    Swapped out rusty tailgate and now realize I need a functioning and intact license plate assembly. Prefer used. Lemme know if any of you have one sitting around that you're willing to let go...
  13. cwags12

    SOLD  SOLD 60 series Fuse Box Cover [Charlotte, NC]

    I have an extra Fuse Box Cover that is an extra from our '83 project. Has yellow font, which I believe indicates it's the earlier 60 models. Someone reading this may clarify? Anyhow, the face is a 7-8 out of 10 cosmetically. The structure is a 10, as there are no cracks. Plastic is good...
  14. cwags12

    Wanted  FJ60 parts list

    Looking for the following parts for 83 FJ60 in used + working condition: Emergency Brake Boot Left Rear Side Marker Lens (only need red lens) LF Bumper Pad Shifter and trans knobs Horn Gasket for Rear License Plate Lamp Windshield Reservoir Cap (85332-90A01) LH Rear Tail Light Lens RH Rear Tail...
  15. cwags12

    Wanted  Rear Bumper Stays (brackets) for 60/62

    Does anyone have rear bumper stays (brackets) for 60 series? #90 and #91 in the image below
  16. cwags12

    Wanted  used fj60 front bumper end for drivers side

    Looking for used bumper caps for FJ60. Used only, not new please. I need Left Front AND Right Rear only. Please PM or post whatever works.
  17. cwags12

    Wanted  Gray Dash Cover for FJ60

    Looking for a used but good condition dash cover in gray color for fj60 ? Something similar to SOR #346-178-G PM me or post here if you have an extra that you're willing to sell.
  18. cwags12

    Wanted  grill mesh for late model 79-84

    Does anyone have grill mesh for 40 series late model 79-84 ? Doesn't need to be perfect, but able to be restored. No holes, pitting, etc. Surface rust is fine as long as it can be cleaned up. Thx
  19. cwags12

    Wanted  Front spring bracket for 40 series ('58-80)

    Looking for a used bracket (identical to picture) for front spring. Can be either side, as I believe they are not handed. Condition needs to be good enough so that it can be blasted for a restoration project Saw a few on eBay that are in Australia, but looking to source one stateside if...
  20. cwags12

    SOLD  Rear Cross Member for 73-78

    Selling Rear Cross Member here for $250 all in to CONUS. It fits 40 series 9/73-1/79. SOR refers to this as Rear Channel. It will arrive in toyota box as pictured in background. Actual pics below. Feel free to PM me with any questions, etc
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