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  1. Clinster

    For Sale  1987 Turbo 4 Runner (Digital Dash) RUNS GREAT!

    Fantastic rig, runs VERY good. Oil leak and that's about it. Been sitting for a few years but its ready for its new home. 22RTE or 22RET Go to this thread for photos, having issues with photos right now...
  2. Clinster

    For Sale  Three FJ40's (1974, 1976, 1979)

    All Need work, All great projects, all ready for a new home. Less than 5K each! Bring a trailer and some cash, let's make a deal. Lancaster, CA (Photos are found here For Sale - Three FJ40s For Sale (1974, 1976, 1979) So. Cal (and Trucks/4Runners)) I go back and forth on selling (Sorry if...
  3. Clinster

    For Sale  85 1/2 Toyota 4Runner 4x4

    Good (decently good) body on this 85 1/2 Toyota 4Runner, which means this is not a Straight Axle, this is an 85 with Independent Front Suspension. Gray interior in pretty decent shape. Most of the truck is there...I think my dad borrowed the front grill and I doubt he'll give it back. Ha...
  4. Clinster

    For Sale  87 Turbo Toyota 4Runner 22RET (RTE) 4x4

    87 Turbo 4Runner Factory 22RTE. Turbo Digital dash. Turbo automatic transmission (with an extra to spare). Brown interior on Red body which is near perfect. Turbo seats. Power windows, all the extras. This thing runs great, no lie. Couldn't believe the gas mileage when I drove it down from...
  5. Clinster

    For Sale  1983 4x4 Short Bed (So. Cal)

    Near perfect body on this brick red short bed 83 4x4. No dents that I can remember. Rustic paint. No Rust that I know of. Transmission is out. 20R is in but in unknown condition, I've never seen this truck run. Came out of Arizona and now in Lancaster, CA. Transmission is in the bed. Interior...
  6. Clinster

    For Sale  Three FJ40s For Sale (1974, 1976, 1979) So. Cal (and Trucks/4Runners)

    Selling three fairly rough FJ40's - All Original. All need a trailer, 2 ran recently. 1974 - Green (Colorado FJ40) ran well when parked, needs clean gas, spark and battery and should go. Current status - Ranch Truck at best. For you? Parts or restore. Or drive a beater like I would. Ambulance...
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