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    Wanted  WA 95-97 1fz exhaust manifolds

    Looking for a set of good 95-97 1fz manifolds, preferably in washington state shipping might cost a lot.. thanks
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    Wanted  80 series jdm clear corners

    looking for a set of jdm clear corners for an 80 series, non depo please
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    1fz injector dimensions

    Does anyone have a 1fz fuel injector handy that they could measure for me? just looking from length o-ring to o-ring. Thanks!
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    Wanted  WTB treadstone cast turbo manifold

    Looking for a Treadstone cast turbo manifold for a 1fzfe. thanks!
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    Wanted  1fz in or near Washington state

    Looking for a 1fzfe in or near Washington state can be non running as it will be rebuilt. The closer the better to WA. Thanks!
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    Wanted  Deleted wrong forum

    Deleted, wrong forum
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    Well i did a thing.. my 97 LX build :)

    So after being a lurker for 7 years or so and spending oh I'd say 2 years searching on and off for an 80, I'm happy to announce I officially get to join the pink panty club! No stranger to lexus this is my 5th. I've had a 3 SC300's (still own one) and a 2008 GX470 which my family dearly misses...
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    Am i an idiot?

    Do we not have a rig's for sale forum? Looking to buy a LX450 if anyone knows any forsale. Thanks, Marc
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