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  1. akarilo

    LX470 Transmission Harness

    I'm in the middle of a motor swap on a '99 LX470 and everything seems to be plug and play with the exception of the main/ large transmission plug, which is a different shape. I assuming the salvage motor came from a later truck with an overdrive transmission. Both plugs have the same amount of...
  2. akarilo

    1999 LC Rear Diff with ELocker

    The LSD is the only one that requires special fluid. You can run whatever you like without issues in the elocker.
  3. akarilo

    BORA Wheel spacers (

    Trouble free transaction for me. Quality is second to none IMO.
  4. akarilo

    What do you think? Good deal or No!!

    I wouldn't pay a premium for the "low mileage" My 1999 LX is pristine and had 164K on it when I bought it for $7K. I'd keep shopping because there's no way you're getting more than twice the value out that rig. Opinions vary but you're asking for opinions.
  5. akarilo

    New Hundy owner

    Nobody gave a crap when I posted as a new 100 owner. :( My feelings were really hurt. :flipoff2: Hopefully you'll be more popular than me. :hillbilly:
  6. akarilo

    1999 Nakamichi Stereo Upgrade, With Factory Amp (simplified)

    The Kenwood I have had seperate remote/ amp and antenna outputs.
  7. akarilo

    1999 Nakamichi Stereo Upgrade, With Factory Amp (simplified)

    OK, so I know this has been documented several times as you can see from some of the photos I lifted from other threads. Everybody seems to think it's difficult to upgrade with this "22pin" molex plug, etc. It's just like any other stereo install. For starters, don't be freaked about cutting...
  8. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    Didn't rub at all without the spacers if I recall. BFG's are slightly narrower than some other brands FYI.
  9. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    AHC, even on normal setting. I barely trimmed the plastic fender at the pinch weld to get rid of the slightest rub. That plastic sticks out about an inch past the metal and it's as thin as tissue paper.
  10. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    295's, KO2
  11. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    Wheel Adapters, Wheel Spacers, Hub Rings for your car! | Motorsport Tech $52.50 each.
  12. akarilo

    BORA 1" Wheel Spacers (these are really nice)

    Nothing new here, just wheel spacers. That being said I just had to show these off to anybody who hasn't seen spacers from BORA. I originally bought a set of 4 wheel centric spacers that were really nice, but despite the claim that they fit my '99 LX, the fronts wouldn't clear the drive...
  13. akarilo

    craigslist  16" Factory LX470 Wheels (5) $200 Tulsa, OK

    No affiliation, just thought I'd pass it on. 2002 lx470 wheels and tires
  14. akarilo

    spacers, spacers, spacers

    As far as the Slee exclusive Spidertrax fronts, I'm pretty sure BORA has that same design that is not "Slee exclusive". Confirmation anybody?
  15. akarilo

    Any DIY bumpers or sliders kits out there?

    I put 20 hours into my 80 series 4X4labs rear kit but it turned out kick ass. You can definitely save some money if you have the spare time/ desire to weld up a kit.
  16. akarilo

    3D Printed Key Fob - Bye Bye Cracked OEM Shells

    Very impressed with your "invention". I'll be ordering momentarily.
  17. akarilo

    Lunchbox Locker

    I know there is a lot of web wheeling going on here but has anybody had any actual dealings with an auto locker (Aussie perhaps) on an all wheel drive setup like the 80 or 100? I had them in the 62 and loved them, but of course you could disconnect the front when driving on the street. Just...
  18. akarilo

    AHC Override Turns Off Sporadically

    Mine's quirky too. The vehicle sat overnight and then disengaged this morning when I started driving. AHC "off" cam on and I could not reset it without having to turn the engine off and re start. It seemed to do its job after that. Too much rake for my liking on the factory setting so I may...
  19. akarilo

    Hundo Arrival!

    No rubbing. Didn't drive it long enough with the stock tires to notice any difference. I'm coming from an 80 with 37's so it feels quite "quick".
  20. akarilo

    Hundo Arrival!

    Oooh look at me, I'm in the 100 club. :flipoff2: '99 LX, 164K, pristine condition, added the BFG 295's about an hour after picking it up. We'll see how far I take this one. :D
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