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  1. Molinuscr

    1986 FJ 60 from CRC

    Good afternoon, I have had several Toyota FJ40, FJ80 but I always liked the 60´s so we started the search and found one in a garage, where it was stored for several years, we checked it and it was in good condition for its age, we negotiated with the owner and we started our new project...
  2. Molinuscr

    Wanted  Wanted parts for Fj80 1993

    Hi, Im looking for this parts for my 1993 Fj80 Front corner lights cristal clear Front turn signals in cristal clear Front Grille Second row seat belts in gray or black Third row seat belts in gray or black Rear wiper motor with arms Rear light guard Everything shipp to 33126, and i will pay...
  3. Molinuscr

    Wanted  Need some parts for my 93 Fj80!!!

    Hi, I need some parts for my rig and I need them ship to 33126. Thanks for the help!! Fan shroud for 1FZ 4.5 engine Oil Stick for 1FZ 4.5 engine Upper dash bezel 91 to 94 model Sun visors in gray color
  4. Molinuscr

    Wanted  Fan shroud, radiator an oil stick for 93fj80

    Hi I'm looking for a radiator, the fan shroud and the oil stick for my 1993 fj 80 with 1FZ engine, shipp to 33126. Thanks Molinuscr
  5. Molinuscr

    Wanted  1993 fjz80 carburetor rebuild kit

    Hi, I dont know if these 1FZ-f engines came to America, I'm looking for the carburetor repair kit for my 1993 FJ 80 Thanks Molinuscr
  6. Molinuscr

    Wanted  1993 Fj80 radiator

    Hi I'm looking for the radiator for my 1993 fj 80, shipping to 33126 Thanks
  7. Molinuscr

    Wanted  Ruber intake hose for a 93 fj80

    Hi, I´m looking for the rubber intake hose for mi rig!!! here its a pic of the one I need Thanks Molinuscr
  8. Molinuscr

    Wanted  Interior parts for 1993 fj80 gray color

    Hi, I'm trying to fix up my rig and for that I need some interior parts I need in gray color Interior door handle cover 2 rear doors Interior door handle cover driver side Front upper dash vessel with the air vents Two interior rear cover both sides Two sun visors I need this parts shipp...
  9. Molinuscr

    Noobie from Costa Rica!!!!

    Greetings from Costa Rica, I just got a 1993 TLC FJ80 and I am excited to begin this new journey, previously had a FJ40, which becomes a 4x4 extreme, but I always wanted a FJ80 that could be used in day to day and to have fun on weekends with my family. I already have some ideas of what I...
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