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  1. thestunts

    For Sale Sacramento, CA ARB front bumper FZJ80

    Hey , is this still available? - I'm in the greater Sac area ..... Thanks in advance ! DM me
  2. thestunts

    Parting Out 1996 FJ80 in SoCal

    Front drivers & passengers door panels ? Shipped to 95662 ? Thanks in advance !
  3. thestunts

    For Sale 1994 Land Cruiser Parts - Hitch, Front Bumper, Spare Tire Carrier - CA - SF Bay Area

    You have two (2) racks? Shoot me a PM with pics & dimensions ? Thanks in advance !
  4. thestunts

    For Sale 80 Series TJM Alloy Bull Bar - California

    I was just out there at Universal Studios ! Coming up to sac anytime soon ?
  5. thestunts

    For Sale ARB Full Length Roof Rack with 60 & 80 Mounting Kit

    Would you ship? If so, total cost to 95662? Thanks !
  6. thestunts

    SOLD 80 series Custom front bumper

    Maybe I didn't see it. But would be willing to sell the bumper without winch setup ? If so, how much ? Specs on plate thickness? Tube used, etc ? Thanks in advance!
  7. thestunts

    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80 with e-lockers

    Works for me ... PM price shipped to 95765 & method of payment & I'll send it .... Thanks for the work!!
  8. thestunts

    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80 with e-lockers

    If it's usable, I'm ok with it... Picture possibly so I can decide better ? Thanks !!
  9. thestunts

    Replacing rag joint for steering - tips/tricks?

    So, as the title shows .... I need to replace the rag joint under the steering column just above the floor board. Seems like I can just unbolt a few things and replace the rubber piece that deteriorated ....Or do I need to do anything special ? Etc ..... Thanks in advance !
  10. thestunts

    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80 with e-lockers

    Passenger side mirror shipped to 95765?
  11. thestunts

    Parting Out 1994 Green 80 no lockers

    Passenger door panel shipped to 95747? Thanks in advance !
  12. thestunts

    Amazon TYC Koyo Radiator

    Read so many things about people getting the wrong radiator that were Koyo .... So I just bought an OEM a few days ago ... Would have loved to get the 'right' Koyo for your price...
  13. thestunts

    Headliner and sunroof pulled to fix leaks if anyone wants pics!

    Got a suggestion..... Instead of taking a bunch of pics. Maybe do one of those sphere/panoramic things? Most "smart phones" have this feature already built in, if not. A lot of apps that can accomplish this idea are free. Just sit in the middle with good lighting and then you're all set. Just...
  14. thestunts

    Radiator Decisions (replacement)

    Thanks everyone for the input. Seems like I'll be going OEM. Seems like of all systems, cooling is one I shouldn't mess with, especially since I did the HG awhile back. Hate to do that all over again, bleh.
  15. thestunts

    Radiator Decisions (replacement)

    So as the title reads, I'm I'm the market for a replacement radiator. After reading a bunch of threads, it seems that KOYO is hit or miss , let alone I can't seem to find one less than $400. My local Toyota dealer quoted $470 yet I've found an OEM radiator for $325. And it seems the CSF one...
  16. thestunts

    Parting Out 1994 fzj80 green

    Email sent
  17. thestunts

    Builds Evolution of a Land Cruiser: My 80's build thread

    Definitely want to see that rack mounted! - It's the exact measurements & even flat as I'd prefer as well for clearance into the garage. *sigh* .... I need to work more OT and get a damn welder already. Keep up the good work man! It's an inspiration.
  18. thestunts

    Parting Out Parting out 94 landcruiser green/grey leather

    emailed about some door panels ...
  19. thestunts

    Wanted Looking for 80 Series front mudflaps

    I have all four(4) mud flaps. Good condition. PM if you need both fronts still, or if you want all four. Cheers !
  20. thestunts

    Wanted Looking for 80 Series front mudflaps

    I might have a pair ... I'll get back to you later today when I have time to go through my garage.
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