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  1. Gun Runner 5

    Club News

    Just a reminder, Kim Smith has a new batch of club decals. Here is your opportunity to “fly the flag” so to speak. 😊
  2. Gun Runner 5

    At long last, new to me FZJ75
  3. Gun Runner 5

    Enlightened Cruisers - LED's

    If you want to see (interior) and be seen (exterior) we can help. If it’s LED there’s a good chance Odd Iron has it. 😊
  4. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale Netherlands, 1986 Troopy with 44694 original km's

    So that “Kermit The Frog“ green is a factory color?
  5. Gun Runner 5

    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    I’m sure yours will be more than adequate. 😊
  6. Gun Runner 5

    Builds Car souq pickup

    I just tell the Jeep guys that there was a rear mounted machine gun there when it was driven by SEAL Team 6. They seem highly impressed. 😀
  7. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    Not quite ..... 😊
  8. Gun Runner 5

    For Sale, Trade, Free to a Good Home

    Any interest in a 2014 TRD / 4WD / 4 Door Tacoma? I will probably put mine on the market in the next month or so.
  9. Gun Runner 5

    Builds Car souq pickup

    I think he’s referring to the cutout in the rear trim. ..... and yes, drawing straight arrows isn’t my strong point.
  10. Gun Runner 5

    Should Toyota sell the 70 series in lieu of the 300?

    A fair number of 70 Series are available today with a little effort and with the exception of a few airbags and a single cup holder, they haven’t changed in like 200 years. 😊
  11. Gun Runner 5

    Club News

    One of the advantages of being in a club is the ability to “network” among members. It’s somewhat unlikely that every member would be in a position to do a weekend trip but there are many who can and I highly encourage you to do so. Any outing, even those shared by a few, benefits the club. 😊
  12. Gun Runner 5

    Doug thorley

    Kinda hard to not like that. 😊
  13. Gun Runner 5

    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    As you mentioned above, Odd Iron’s recovery points are designed to work with an ARB brushbar as well as a highlift jack. ** The photo was courtesy of the Grand Poobah himself (Woody) 😊
  14. Gun Runner 5

    Club News

    If you’re going to do something like the above and want some company, post it up. 😊 Even if everyone can’t attend, perhaps some can.
  15. Gun Runner 5

    LED options, KZJ78 Prado instrument and indicator lighting

    These folks can probably help and they ship to APO addresses.
  16. Gun Runner 5

    Club News

    Obviously Covid has been a royal pain in the a** but with a glimmer of light starting to show at the end of the tunnel, hopefully 2021 will be better. In other words, it’s time to start thinking about club events and WE NEED YOUR INPUT. If you have a venue in mind that you think is interesting...
  17. Gun Runner 5

    First LC, HZJ77 Build

    If it ain’t broke ..... 😁
  18. Gun Runner 5

    First LC, HZJ77 Build

    I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that the aluminum outer wings can be bought with the operational tail lights installed.
  19. Gun Runner 5

    Wanted Wanted: HZJ73/FZJ73

    Land Cruiser Direct probably has the largest inventory. Good luck.
  20. Gun Runner 5

    1989 BJ74 advice

    While not necessarily requiring you to buy anything, make sure your cooling system (radiator, t-stat, hoses and water pump) are performing at their fullest capacity.
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