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  1. audaciousduo

    For Sale  BC Canada 60 Series heater control

    Nice 60 series heater control out of a 1984 BJ60. 25 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  2. audaciousduo

    For Sale  BC Canada 1984 BJ60 Dash Bezel

    For Sale a nice BJ60 Dash Bezel / Radio cover. Nice shape. $25 plus Shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  3. audaciousduo

    For Sale  1984 BJ60 gauges BC, Canada

    Nice BJ60 gauge cluster. Dusty but in good shape. $75 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  4. audaciousduo

    For Sale  Vancouver Island, BJ60 parts

    I'm going to stick to the diesel 40's and am getting out of the 60 series parts. Some shop cleaning is leading to some grab boxes. Shipping is not included but I will ship the cheapest way possible of you can arrange for mud shipping. Box 1. 12 volt EDIC motor, 12 Volt Wiper motor and a bunch...
  5. audaciousduo

    BJ60 Sheet Metal

    There was once of you guys from up island that wanted the sheet metal around the windshield frame on the 60 I was parting out. If you want to come by and cut out the part come get it. She's about to get cut up and no sense tossing it if someone needs it. Dave
  6. audaciousduo

    Parting Out  BJ60 South Vancouver Island Canada

    I'm parting out a 1984 BJ60 I bought as possible project but the rust monster got to it and it's too far gone. Lots of good parts on it and the truck only had 185K on it. I AM KEEPING THE ENGINE, TRANS and TRANSFER CASE as spares for my 42. The truck has a complete OME 2.5 kit on it that still...
  7. audaciousduo


    SO I swapped the entire power train from a low milage 60 into my 42, put the turbo on it and other that a few issues think it was worth while. I thought I took a million pictures but I can't get the glow plug timer working. Wiring has always been my nemesis and it appears to still be. The truck...
  8. audaciousduo

    H55F top swap HELP NEEDED

    So I've swapped a BJ60 powertrain into my BJ42 which was a bear of a job. I got sick of bleeding the fuel system and went to put the floor plate on and noticed the shifter hole didn't line up. I measured everything and over looked the tops are different. Before I swap out the tops is there...
  9. audaciousduo

    Local Parts.

    Hey Islanders, I recently picked up a BJ60 I was going to restore as a project. It was too far gone and I'm going to part it out. The power train is out and I'm keeping that. If any local islanders need parts let me know. It's sporting a nice OME 2.5 lift and new BFG all terrains. I will put it...
  10. audaciousduo

    Help with an injector pump question.

    So I'm up to my armpits swapping power trains in my BJ42. I was swapping on injector pump shut off arm for the other because I couldn't get the cable shut off off the arm. I'm having a miserable time getting it back on. There is a small brass spline on the rod and there appears to be a slot in...
  11. audaciousduo


    Swapping power trains today and maybe tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. This madness started as a transfer case rebuild. The transfer case in the 42 was rough when I bought it and I had ordered a rebuild kit from John. I happened on a low milage BJ60 that ended up too rusty for practical repair...
  12. audaciousduo

    New Clutch

    Ever have something go to smooth it worries you? Just put a clutch in the low KM powertrain I'm going to install in the 42 and I've never had one go together so sweet. I used a combination of an engine hoist, roof crane and ratchet straps to level the transmission. I literally went together...
  13. audaciousduo

    Picked up a BJ60

    I couldn't say no to this for $1750. 1984 BJ60 with H55f five speed and 194,000 original KM on the clock. It sat for years and I snagged it. She fired up right away and I drove it home. The 3B in this old girl seems to have more jamb than the one in my BJ42 with the ATX turbo on it! The frame is...
  14. audaciousduo

    Wanted  Vancouver Island 40 series wiper arms and mirror

    Hello All, I've been having no luck locating a wiper arm for a 1980 BJ40. I also need the rear view mirror as well. Let me know how much and where they are coming from. Thanks Dave
  15. audaciousduo

    Back on the rock, introduction

    Hello all, I've been on and off Vancouver Island for over two decades. I have had several cruisers 70's and 80's but just picked up Big Johns BJ42. I've been gradually picking away at a few issues and making changes but so far I am happy with the rig. I'm always good to head out on the trail...
  16. audaciousduo

    Back in the saddle.

    After selling my BJ70 years ago, a decision I still regret, I'm back in a Cruiser. I bought Johns BJ42 and drove it 16 hours home on Friday. It was an adventure. I flew to Calgary and had a good buddy drive me to Fort Macleod. John and I negotiated and loaded up the cruiser on his trailer and...
  17. audaciousduo

    Wanted  Vancouver Island. 40 series wiper arms and blades

    Hello All, Is there anyone on Vancouver Island who has a set of wiper arms and blades the will part with. Just got the new to me BJ42 home and the wiper arms are striped. I'm stoked to get out exploring but with all the liquid sunshine this year I need those wipers. Thanks Dave
  18. audaciousduo

    Wanted  Vancouver Island or Mainland BJ40/42 project

    Hello All, I'm looking at getting back into a Cruiser again. I've owned a few 80's and 70's but never a 40 series. I'm looking for a project diesel truck. I'll take an in progress project or one that is rusted out where I can replace the body with an Aqualu body. BC registration would be...
  19. audaciousduo

    For Sale  Locked 1997

    I'm parting with the 80. This FZJ80 has the factory E-locker front and rear axles, 2 inch OME lift kit, front ARB bumper with 10000 Lb winch, cruisin off road sliders , 4x4 labs rear bumper with dual swing outs and hidden hitch. The front axle was recently rebuilt and the birfields were swapped...
  20. audaciousduo

    Stalling 80 Help Please

    So here is the scenario. It's a 1997 FJ80 with about 220,000 KM (149,000 Miles) on the engine. The last tune up was about eight months ago, new wires, plugs, cap rotor ect. I have had no issues with the motor until now. It starts fine, runs like a top for about 20 min then starts to hesitate and...
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