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  1. Ducks

    Current Diesel Prices in BC & Yukon

    Hi All, I know there is a diesel price thread already but I was wondering if anyone could chime in on what the current diesel prices are in British Columbia and Yukon Territory. I've found some websites showing the price in BC but I can't find anything for the Yukon. I'm making the trip from...
  2. Ducks

    For Sale  M100 Flatbed Generator Trailer

    I just bought but am now deciding to sell a trailer that I just got. I was going to trailer my tires/wheels up to ACT 2011 but I've now decided to just get new tires and drive them up. So I don't need this trailer. I was told that it is an M100 and it was used to haul generators around. The...
  3. Ducks

    New Tires: Will 35x14.5 Boggers or 36x12.5 TSLs fit?

    I'm researching new tires for potential use on the Alaska Cruiser Trek 2011. I currently have 35x12.5r15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws on and they did o.k. for ACT 2010. But I think I'd like to invest in some new rubber for 2011. I have a 5" Alcan SUA lift and am wondering what I can fit and if...
  4. Ducks

    Installing a Manual Oil Pressure Gauge

    I have a major oil leak that I am trying to fix but I also have something wrong with my oil pressure. When I am idling, the oil pressure gauge is almost at the "L" on the gauge. If I rev the engine, the oil pressure goes up a bit. iron_giant thinks that there is something wrong with the idiot...
  5. Ducks

    skid plates

    I took my skid plates off a year ago and I can't remember how they go back on. Can someone take a picture of their skid plates so I can figure out how to put mine back on? Thanks, Chad
  6. Ducks

    Installing Solid Rock Off-Road rear bumper

    Hola, I just received a rear bumper from Solid Rock Off-Road but without instructions on how to put it together. I thought I saw a write up here on how to put it on. Does anyone know where that write-up might be? I found the write-up for installing the sliders, which I also just got, so...
  7. Ducks

    ROTM: The Iron Mule (T.I.M.)

    Well, I guess my love affair with the Toyota Land Cruiser started out by actually wanting a mini. When I was 14 years old (that's 24 years ago) I went hunting with my dad and his buddy. He had a 4runner. I was young so forgive my oversight but that 4runner seemed to be able to go anywhere...
  8. Ducks

    Which injectors for direct injection diesel running veggie oil?

    I know I've read on here about a company that makes special injectors for those running veggie oil in a direct injection diesel engine but I can't remember who they are or where I read it. Can someone tell me who makes them or where to look? Thanks. I'm putting a 12H-T into my FJ60 and it...
  9. Ducks

    Aussie Locker in a 4.11 Third LESS THAN 100 miles on it.

    SOLD!! I have an Aussie Locker that was in my front diff that has less than 100 miles on it. I am selling the entire third. The third is out of an FJ62 and it also looks really nice. An Aussie Locker by itself cost $270. I'll sell the entire third with locker for $170. It's currently...
  10. Ducks

    Water Separator for the 12HT

    I'm putting a 12H-T into my FJ60. Should I put in a water separator? iron_giant recommended a 200-series Racor. I would like to eventually put in Plant Drive's Veggie system but that won't happen for a few years while I save up money to do that conversion. If I get a 200-series Racor, which...
  11. Ducks

    Baja Almanac 2009 now available

    FYI - The Baja Almanac 2009 is now available. no affiliation, just glad that it is available again. :beer:
  12. Ducks

    Oil Light On

    I'm borrowing my dad's 1997 FZJ80 while my FJ60 is getting a 12H-T diesel swap. He just recently bought it. It has 136,000 miles on it. Anyways, when I first drive it in the morning, after a couple of minutes the oil light comes on. It stays on for a few minutes and then it goes off. The...
  13. Ducks

    FJ60 - front & rear axles, birfields, OME steering stablizer, H42, RHD steering, etc.

    EDIT: Everything is now in Oregon at zip code 97224. Nothing has been sold yet so everything is up for grabs. I'm moving to Oregon and need to clean out my garage. I have two birfields, front axles, and rear axles - $50 each. I have an almost new OME steering stablizer - $50 I have RHD...
  14. Ducks

    Wanted  WTB: 2H/12H-T Fan

    One of the vanes broke on the fan for my 12H-T. I would like to buy a fan to replace it. Thanks.
  15. Ducks

    2H/12HT Fan Part #

    One of the vanes broke on the fan for my 12HT. According to my EPC and the part number is - 16361-68010 but when I call the dealer they say that it is an invalid number. Anyone have the correct number? Thanks.
  16. Ducks

    Removing the 2F and putting in the 12HT

    Hey All, I'm removing my 2F and installing a 12H-T. The main thread is in the diesel section. Right now I am pulling the 2F along with the h42 and split case all connected together. How do I remove the stick shifts for the transmission and split case so I can pull the engine out?
  17. Ducks

    24v 2H/12HT starter & alternator

    I'm converting my 24v 12HT to 12v and am selling the accessories. The engine has 200,000 kms on it. 24v 2H/12HT alternator w/o vaccum pump - $200 SOLD 24v 2H/12HT starter - $200 SOLD Shipping from 95616. :beer:
  18. Ducks

    Part # for 12v Starter 2H/12HT

    I'm looking for the part number for a 12v starter for the 2H/12HT. According to the EPC and the part number is 28100-47081. But when I call the dealership, they say it is an invalid number. It also doesn't show up on I called Toyota Industrial and they...
  19. Ducks

    Wanted  WTB: 12v 3B starter & alternator

    Hi all, I'd like to buy a 12v 3B starter and alternator. I'm converting my 24v 12H-T to 12v. I also need a vacuum canister. Thanks.
  20. Ducks

    Wanted  WTB: 1HZ motor mounts

    Looking for a source to get the mounts that you weld to the frame for a 1HZ engine. Thanks.
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