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  1. NMuzj100

    Modifications To Improve Gas Mileage

    My cruiser gets a very consistent 13 mpg. Good Cruiser mileage is not a thing. Not really a Toyota thing. Reliability is Toyota's focus. Fantastic fuel economy is like any other high performance goal. Diminishing returns and compromises to reliability. If you can get the top gear in the...
  2. NMuzj100

    Front sway bar bracket

    I thought I was having a bad day when I broke two of the bolts with one stuck in the bracket! I now see I should be counting my blessings to have a bracket at all. I was able to remove the broken bolt with a torch on the welded nut and turning the bolt 1/6th of a turn at a time with a part of...
  3. NMuzj100

    Wheel Bearings - When to replace / repack

    This SK snap ring plier tool is well worth it ! - Also wish I had purchased Slee's spindle lubrication tool before I started. If you want a bolt to pull on the axle spindle a good one is at the front top of the radiator.
  4. NMuzj100

    Another key question, need to replace the transmitter housing (not talking about the key shell)

    If you find the Stauber shell isn't up to the task then I recommend a ToyotaMD shell. Very happy with mine.
  5. NMuzj100

    Help me decide - repair or scrap my son’s 100 series

    I vote for take the money and run. If you love the cruiser watch for it in the regional auction and pick it back up if it's going for very cheap. No matter how well it is rebuilt it will never have the same value with a branded title. There may be value there for a "flipper" but the profit...
  6. NMuzj100

    LX470 Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY

    This thread appears to have gone plenty long but I know there was a lot of interest by some for a activated carbon filter. I see that FRAM is now selling one - FRAM CF11923 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter FRAM CF11923 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter - $45 A little spendy for me but I can see...
  7. NMuzj100

    Talk me out of a 5th gen Runner

    I find the 100 easy to work on and affordable to maintain. Parts are higher but problems are rare. Since I enjoy driving it so much the occasional expense doesn't hurt as much. ($1100 for new tires last week did sting a bit.) Even at 200k not much has needed work. I don't replace parts that are...
  8. NMuzj100

    200K Maintenance

    I replaced a fuel filter at around 100k. Looked brand new when I took it apart. Unless you are in the third world pumping gas from 55 gallon drums or working a fuel problem I wouldn't bother. I am definitely in the "If it's not broke don't fix it camp'". On an older vehicle you could poor...
  9. NMuzj100

    Throttle Control Motor...

    I replaced my TPS today and cleaned the TB. Initially after the repair I cleared the codes and the P0121 stayed and truck started in "limp mode". Removed the battery cable for a few minutes, put it back, cleared the code on and it runs great. I removed some slack in the throttle cable attached...
  10. NMuzj100

    98 Transmission and differential fluid questions

    You can also run a Dexron VI fluid. Dex VI is backward compatible with Dex III but incorporates the latest in synthetics and additives. Although my 100 currently runs on Amsoil I have had Dex VI in my 99 Camry's Dex III transmission for the past 100,000 miles with smooth results.
  11. NMuzj100

    Common rust areas - Is there hope for a LC100 purchase in the midwest?

    Rather than drag a nice well treated 100 into the rust belt save yourself and move to one of the western or southern states.
  12. NMuzj100

    TPS/APPS/Throttle Control Motor Issues

    12guns - Were you able to get this fixed ? What was the issue?
  13. NMuzj100

    Throttle Control Motor...

    LXMUTT - Did you get your problem fixed ? I am troubleshooting a TPS/APPS/TB issue throwing P0121 and P1128 codes. Used a mechanics stethoscope to listen to the Throttle Control Motor and heard nothing bad. The resistance in my motor and motor clutch was in range. I will replace the TPS and...
  14. NMuzj100

    Amateur Coolant Level Question

    When you find and fix the leak then get rid of the green coolant and add the proper Toyota coolant. It has a different chemistry that is compatible with the materials used in the system.
  15. NMuzj100

    The Grease Thread

    The Green Grease is NLGI 2 and so meets the Toyota requirements. I do like a Moly grease for the drive shaft. But a $5 Ford rated chassis grease meets that requirement and can be found in any parts store. I used to spend hours on BITOG and chased exotic greases to find the best. You can find...
  16. NMuzj100

    Have LX thinking of swapping for an LC. Am I taking crazy pills?

    Replace the front LX badge with the winch control and get a big enough rear bumper set-up to cover the rear badges and no one will know. They are both luxury SUVs that very few us really need.
  17. NMuzj100

    Too much rust?

    That looks basically "rust free" to me.
  18. NMuzj100

    Balance Tires with Beads

    This is best done with magic beans. The beads are bunk. The tires are not round when rolling (They are flat on bottom). Beads work (Or appear to) because most tires will not be that badly out of balance (to where you will feel it) with no weights or effort anyway.
  19. NMuzj100

    '99 LC Sound System Upgrade while Leaving Stock Radio

    I've actually been happy with this. I changed out the OEM stereo in my Camry and regret...
  20. NMuzj100

    Transmission Question

    sugarsam - What did you end up doing? Rare to have a transmission problem reported on the board.
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