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  1. 2000UZJ

    I would like the help of MUD!

    Hey guys, It’s been since 2014 since I sold my 100. I’ve been trying to track it down to buy it back from whoever owns it. How have people gone about finding vehicles to buy back? Last I heard, Zac Brown (the singer dude) owns it and I have been unable to confirm this. Any easy way to track...
  2. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD Manual w/ Ironman Stewart Livery

    Posting for a co-worker. Probably one of the coolest FJ's that I've seen. Based in Atlanta, GA. 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser - $19,995 - 6MT / 4WD ~76k miles Purchased at ~48k in 2016 from Toyota of Greenville, SC Clear Title in Hand Factory Paint is Silver Fresco under the wrap Contact: Name...
  3. 2000UZJ

    Can a MUD Member check out this 100? McKinney, TX

    I am looking at this 100 in McKinney, TX. PM me your cell # if you can drop by and take a look at it. Used Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale - CarGurus Thank you, Nick
  4. 2000UZJ

    2003 LX in Houston. Anybody free to look at it?

    I am looking at this one. Please let me know if anybody can swing by and drive it. Is it a members rig? Lexus: LX LIFTED 4X4 I'll be happy to compensate for your time as well.
  5. 2000UZJ

    Wanted  1998-2000 100

    Looking to buy a wheeler. I'm not really concerned with body damage. Nothing crazy like " I barely grazed a tree at 60MPH " or "I drove it into the ocean, it has some surface rust" :eek:. What it must have: Clean CarFax No Repaint Chrome Wheels (I only roll on 28's) No Rust Post up what you...
  6. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  LED Light Bars (last of them)

    I have a few lights left that I found when moving. Please PM for PayPal address. Prices are SHIPPED CONUS. They are 3W Cree LED with 8* Spot and 90* Flood. These are the ones from the 80 Series Group buy back in the day (that almost gave me a heart attack over christmas!) 7.5": 1 Combo beam and...
  7. 2000UZJ

    I can't take this anymore...

    I am looking for another 100 :) I absolutely love the E55 but it's not a 100. I don't regret selling my first 100, but I sure as hell miss it. I am thinking 98-99 with a rear locker for now. If you know of a 98-99 in the Atlanta area or Southeast let me know!
  8. 2000UZJ

    The Ultimate 200 Series Headlight Build

    I've been building headlights for MUD members since late 2011. I just landed a new job working for Toyota. My headlight business will have to stop since I have no time to work on them anymore. I was contacted by a fellow 200 Series owner and we started working on a parts list. 2008 200 Halogen...
  9. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  OEM 100 Series Driver Seat W/ Cover

    I am selling my OEM 100 Series Leather seat. The leather itself is in great shape minus the driver side leg bolster where it has a small tear. The seat has a Iggee seat cover on it which matches the OEM tan perfectly. Here is the thread for the seat...
  10. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  100 Series Retrofitted HID Headlights

    It's time for me to sell my 100 Series retrofitted headlights for another project. They are the OEM TEQ Koito assemblies (originals). List of Parts OEM Headlights Morimoto FXR 3.0 3" Bi-Xenon Projectors Custom TEQ Engraved Clear Lens 55W DSP Ballasts Osram 66240 CBI's (5,000K) Blacked out...
  11. 2000UZJ

    100 Series 16" OEM Steel Rims GB

    I have a connection overseas that is allowing me to get a set of 4 16X8 OEM steelies for $800 shipped to the States (to my door to be exact). That comes out to $200 per rim shipped. I would assume shipping a set of 4 steelies would be expensive, but this is your chance to get some rare OEM...
  12. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  100 Series Fox 2.0 IFP

    I purchased a pair of rear Fox 2.0 IFP's for my 100 Series last year. I have decided to go with another shock since the valving is incorrect for my weight. 20,000 miles on them. No leaks, just don't ride firm enough. $100 + the ride for the pair. Yes, that is $100 for the pair plus shipping.
  13. 2000UZJ

    Quick Measurement Needed (Halogen Headlights)

    I am beginning a very unique headlight build for a member on MUD. I need to get some rough measurements of the headlight compartments. I need a rough measurement of the height, width, and dept of the low and high beam reflector. Any detailed/upclose pictures would be awesome. They don't have to...
  14. 2000UZJ

    For Sale  2000 100 Series Rear Axle

    I am trying to swap rear axles and will need to sell my current 2000 non-locked rear axle off my 100 Series. The rear axle seals are not leaking, synthetic fluids, true and straight. The axle has not been geared, it is still the stock 4.30 ratio. Includes: -Axle Housing -Differential...
  15. 2000UZJ

    42" LED Light Bar

    I am also selling my 10W one off LED Light Bar. It began as a normal 3W LED Light Bar from overseas. It was turned into a 22,700 lumen light bar using 10W Cree XML T-6 LED's. The reflectors are a full size free form reflector that manages to form the light into a 12* Spot. This is a full blown...
  16. 2000UZJ

    32" LED Light Bar

    I am parting ways with my ELS LED Light Bar. This is the light bar that I sell. Except this has been on my truck for 2 years. It functions perfectly, the only issue is the anodizing has turned gold. I repainted the light bar but the interior of the light bar is still faded. It's barely...
  17. 2000UZJ

    The battle that never ends...engine temps

    Short of replacing the engine, it just doesn't seem to want to run cool. I have replaced everything that is related to the cooling system within the past 5 months. I thought it was normal for 100's to run hot. I've talked with many, many members and none of them are seeing temps anywhere near...
  18. 2000UZJ

    Frame Reinforcements

    I was going to post in the 100 tech, but that is best suited for floor mat and tire threads :flipoff2: My frame has a few questionable areas on it that I would like some insight on what to do. The frame in general appears to be fine, however when you look closer you start to see...
  19. 2000UZJ

    Morimoto X.Bar

    Morimoto X.Bar LED Light Bars 100% Made in the United States. Hand Built in Atlanta, GA The automotive aftermarket is composed of one part performance, two parts customization & Individuality. The problem with the Light Bar niche: Despite the wide range of available options, nothing really...
  20. 2000UZJ

    Wanted  100 Series OEM 16" rim

    Preferably in the Southeast. Mine had a fatal meeting with a curb avoiding a head on collision. I really don't care about the color, condition, or rock rash. As long as it holds air, and is a 100 series rim. I am looking for ONE rim. Thanks!
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